If you’ve been following me on Instagram and seen my NOTWs, I’ve literally loved SUGAR TIP-TAC-TOE NAIL LACQUERS like no other thing. Their colors, their quality, their packaging, everything is just the best, and not to forget their different ranges like- Classic, Pro and the Mattes. My addiction for these TIP-TAC-TOE NAIL LACQUERS started when they first launched their lacquers and I got a chance to try one of the shades from the matte collection. And I’ve been slowly building my SUGAR nails fam since then. Now, SUGAR COSMETICS have increased their family more, by adding in 6 brand new shades from the PRO(Metallics) range. Let’s know about them more in this post. 


Poke a Friend. Scribble on sand. Shush a noisemaker. Like us, if you are someone who lets your fingers do the talking – then you will absolutely heart the SUGAR Nail Lacquer range that will make sure that your tips are always in top shape! Specially-formulated to give you a 100% opaque finish that will dry before you can spell your date’s name – the SUGAR Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer’s wide range of glossies, mattes and shimmers is the zero-chip streak-free warpaint your hard-working fingers deserve. 

  • Its chip-free, streak-free formulation and specially-crafted ergonomic applicator will leave you smitten.
  • The Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquers provide the perfect single-stroke plumping-effect coating.
  • Designed with a removable outer cap for ease of use and storage – these stunning nail lacquers are crafted with state-of-the-art premium formulation featuring colour-protecting UV filter and patented 2-fold plasticizer that guards against chipping.


PRICE :  INR 299/- for a 10ml size.



SHADES : SUGAR just added 6 new shades in the Pro collection –

  1. 039 – Bold As Brass (Metallic Brass)

  2. 040 – Rust For The Record (Metallic Copper)

  3. 041 – Amethyst Actress (Metallic Purple)

  4. 042 – Rock And Rose (Metallic Rose Gold)

  5. 043 – Deep Down Diopside (Metallic Emerald Green)

  6. 044 – Sapphire Straits (Metallic Blue)


How To Apply: Three swipes is all you need for the perfect application of the lacquer to your nails. The wide brush of our Tip Tac Toe Nail lacquer helps you get a burst of polish in one go, start from the base of your nail, stroke the brush to the left, to the right and then down the center and Voila!

The SUGAR TIP-TAC-TOE NAIL LACQUERS come in a transparent square glass bottle with the Sugar logo and names on it. The shade name is mentioned at the bottom of the bottle. The brush tip is a flattened flat top brush, which kind of becomes difficult to get through the curves. This time Sugar thought about the colors, we have all the color metallics in here from blue, green, purple to pink. These nail lacquers are silver based metallic, as far as I noticed in them. They do have a strong overpowering regular nailpolish kind a fragrance. These SUGAR TIP-TAC-TOE NAIL LACQUERS just need one coat for that full opacity. In three brush swipes, I could cover my entire nail.

Its been over a week since I’ve started testing these out, and I haven’t seen any chipping of the nail lacquers anywhere. Its only at the base of tips that the polish had come off, other than that my nails still look freshly done.

039 Bold As Brass is a Metallic Brass shade. IMG_20170825_192514-1.jpg

040 Rust For The Record is a Metallic Copper more towards the orange side, like the rusty shade. IMG_20170825_192514-2

041 Amethyst Actress is a Metallic Purple. One of my favorite shades. IMG_20170825_192613-1-1.jpg

042 Rock And Rose Metallic Rose Gold color. This is such a gorgeous shade. IMG_20170825_192613-1-2.jpg

043 Deep Down Diopside is a Metallic Emerald Green shade. IMG_20170825_192745-1.jpg

044 Sapphire Straits is a Metallic Blue, more towards gray shade. IMG_20170825_192745-2.jpg

 Putting together all the shades in one frame – this is how they look in sunlight and in normal lighting.



Overall, SUGAR COSMETICS is just nailing these TIP-TAC-TOE NAIL LACQUERS in the new shades of these metallics. I totally love these luxurious shades with great pigmentation. I’d definitely recommend these to everyone. These nail lacquers are gonna make your paws look stunning!

Did you try the new SUGAR TIP-TAC-TOE NAIL LACQUERS?? Which shade did you like? Lemme know your thoughts… untitled1

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