I love perfumes, be it local or branded or imported or any other, I just love to smell amazing all the time. I know everyone would love that too. So here’s one unique concept put together by PERFUMEBOOTH company, curating a PERFUME SELFIE BOX. With 7 mini-sized International perfumes and a pocket friendly Perfume Selfie Case, this box is a must have one for all the perfume lovers. In this post, I’ll be reviewing one of the Perfume Selfie Box in LURVE, a perfect box curated for women. 

She’s all things classic. You’d picture her walking down the Parisian streets, holding a dozen carnations. She personifies ‘LURVE’. She’s special and you know that. 
  1. Chifon – Emper,
  2. Lady Presidente – Emper,
  3. True Reflections – Chris Adams,
  4. Lomani Sensual – Lomani,
  5. Creation Pour Femme,
  6. Viveca – Maryaj,
  7. Gold – Louis Cardin


PRICE –  INR 475/- where we get 7 x 4ml perfumes. Also we get a Rs. 501 Gift Voucher Free.


The Perfume Selfie Box comes in LURVE comes in a bright pink cylindrical box with the respective theme going on. Inside are the 7 mini perfume bottles with their names mentioned on each one and the Perfume Selfie Case to customize our own pocket perfume. The Perfume Selfie case hardly is the size of any lipstick and holds the same space as any of the lipsticks. It is that cute. Also included is the instructional guide and pamphlet about the rest of the boxes available. I’m pretty sure Pocket perfumes is what we’re looking for these days to just be thrown in our handbags and come in handy, as we don’t want to carry the hefty glass bottles everywhere we go, and Perfumebooth has made it possible. There are a lot more options and boxes for men as well.


The Lurve Selfie box is specially curated for women. It has a collection of such a blast of sweet floral fragrances which will go well all day and all night. A sure shot fragrances to seduce anyone in seconds. The scent is not over-powering, just subtle to hit your senses with that extraordinary floral fragrance. It is very long-lasting too. Lady PresidenteLomani Sensual and Chifon are my absolute favorites out of the entire collection.

The whole concept of this Perfume box is to try out different perfumes from different brands, in a fun way of making our own perfume case, and if interested we can buy the full-sized ones. PerfumeBooth sells the full size perfumes of each of the mini one that we see in the box. Each of the mini 4ml perfumes last for about 15-20 days max.


Overall, I’m totally impressed and in love with the smart concept of the Perfume Selfie Box, curating mini perfumes in one cute box. It is definitely an amazing deal at INR 475, coz we get to grab about 7 perfumes with Selfie case and a gift voucher which can be redeemed during the next purchase.  Although being tester sizes, you will not regret buying them. And this Perfume Selfie box would be a great gifting idea.

Have you tried  this PERFUMEBOOTH PERFUME SELFIE BOX yet??



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