A flawless beautiful, blemish and acne-free healthy skin is what you, we and everybody desires. But in todays busy and stressed life, taking a good care of our face and skin is becoming a serious task. I agree that inspite of that we know the basic CTM routine, we still don’t take that extra time to really care for our skin. So here’s a very simple and basic routine that I’ve been following and I always get back to using these products more often. Being an oily-combination skinned girl, I’ve always faced trouble with my sweaty oily face within few hours of stepping out of the house, and these products did help me out to keep my problems at bay to some extent. 

CLEAN & CLEAR NATURAL BRIGHT FACE WASH –  Designed for young skin problems to gently reveal your natural brightness. The new double action face wash works in two ways. Rose water helps wash away dullness causing impurities. Natural Honey and Glycerin help nourish your skin to leave your skin clean, clear and naturally bright.

PRICE : INR 110/- for 100ml product.




Been using this face wash ever since it was launched and even if I switch to other ones inbetween, I do come back to this face wash often. I like the fairness face wash too, which I most preferably use in summer climates, but when my skin is on dry side I use this one which cleanses and hydrates the skin. I’m on my 4th bottle right now, that’s how much I love this cleanser.

CLEAN & CLEAR BLACKHEAD CLEARING DAILY SCRUB –  This scrub has effective micro-scrubbing beads that breaks down trapped oil, dirt and dead skin. The green apple extract formula penetrates deep into pores to soften stubborn blackheads at the core and prevent new ones from forming. Its gentle exfoliating action leaves your skin beautifully smooth & clear.

PRICE : INR 55/- for 40g product.



Scrubbing my face every other day is what I prefer and this fruit extract scrub acts very gentle on my mildly sensitive skin. The scrub is a cream-based scrub. It’s scrub particles are not at all harsh on the skin.

CLEAN & CLEAR OIL FREE MOISTURIZER –  This moisturizer, developed with an oil-free moisturizing formula, leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and non-greasy, specially designed to easily get absorbed into the skin. Helps to prevent skin from feeling rough and dry. Also contains Salicylic Acid which helps to prevent pimples, leaving the skin clean and beautifully clear.

PRICE : INR 80/- for a 80ml product.



Oily skin girlies know the struggle of using a moisturizer when it heavily causes more oiliness. I came through all that period. No moisturizer would stay on my skin and most of them clog my pores. But thankfully I found this oil-free moisturizer which gave me enough moisturization to my skin leaving my skin oil free all day. It is a very lightweight gel-kind of moisturizer and gets completely absorbed into the skin. This is my 5th tube and I keep on stocking them wherever I find this moisturizer.

Being the most affordable products I’m sure these are favorites to most of you. Lemme know which is your favorite product from Clean & Clear? untitled1

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