The art of Double Cleansing method is first introduced by Korean women use to achieve clear skin. Koreans are known for their clear and bright glass-like skin, which we all envy. It involves washing your face in two steps; first by using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step draws out oil-based impurities such as sebum, SPF, and pollutants while the second step cleanses water-based debris such as sweat and dirt. It is basically like you wash your face twice, but with two different products. It is simple, yet time consuming, but it gives the best results and it’s probably the best thing you’re doing to your skin.

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Double Cleansing is a basic two-step facial cleansing process that includes first, an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based normal cleanser. Myth is that only people who wear makeup should follow this ‘double-cleansing’ technique, but truth is that no matter you wear makeup or not, this technique works wonders if incorporated in your daily skincare routine. The preliminary step, the oil-based cleanser removes all the oil-based impurities including sebum, sunscreen, grime, and the makeup that the skin has collected throughout the day. It is then followed by water-based cleanser, which breaks down all the rest of the water-based impurities, including sweat and dirt on the skin. Double Cleansing is much more gentle than scrubbing your face with exfoliators.


The act of Double Cleansing only came into lime light when the whole aesthetic world got to know about Korean Skincare. Until then, it was just a quick wash-and-go with a normal cleanser or even with a soap, which in fact we’re all doing it wrong. The benefit of double cleansing is that the first cleanser will break down any makeup, remove dirt and excess oils from the day and clean your skin. The second cleanser will address your particular skin type or concern and should have ingredients to hydrate, smooth or exfoliate and treat acne. Doing both steps will assure that any treatment and moisturizing is not done in vain.


It is totally the person’s preference as to which oil-based and water-based cleansers he/she is using, depending on your skin type and issues. The oil-based cleanser can be in solid or liquid form, and depending on the cleanser can be washed or wiped off. A water-based cleanser can be either foaming or a non-foaming formula.

Considering every skin type and taking into account your specific skin concerns, choosing the right double-cleansing duo is key in making sure you get the most out of your routine. Using the best double-cleansing products for your skin type also allows you to avoid over-washing and over-drying your skin. With all the products on store shelves and beauty aisles, picking out your double-cleansing dream team can be overwhelming—especially if you’re not sure what ingredients to look for or which cleanser is best for your skin type. 

  • FOR OILY SKIN : Oil cleanser on oily skin does not make your skin oily, come out of that myth! Choose light-weight, hydrating cleansers which remove excess sebum from the skin, keep the pores clean and balance out the skin.
  • FOR DRY SKIN : Nourishing and moisturizing cleansers will be dry skin’s best friend! They will gently cleanse the skin without stripping skin’s natural oils.
  • FOR COMBINATION SKIN : Going through seasonal changes – it’s dry in some places but oily in others, and your skin may feel different every single day. Balance is the key to combination skin. Look for hydrating cleansers that don’t leave any greasy residue. A good hydrating oil cleanser followed by a refreshing foaming cleanser will do your job.
  • FOR NORMAL SKIN : A great blessing to have normal skin, you can seriously experiment with a ton of variety cleansers out there. Treat your skin with moisture rich oil cleanser followed by a good foaming cleanser.
  • FOR SENSITIVE SKIN : Hesitant to use too many products in your skin care routine, worried about your sensitive break prone skin. Use skin soothing and calming cleansers with irritant-free ingredients in it.

Did you try the Double Cleansing technique??

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