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Wet n Wild has become one of the most favorite drugstore brand to almost everyone. We know how much the Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighters have been raved by everyone. It is definitely my favorite highlighter. Here came another launch by Wet n Wild, the MEGAGLO HELLO HALO LIQUID HIGHLIGHTERS which come in 7 gorgeous glowing shades for every skin tone. Now few of these liquid highlighters are available in India. I’ve got one shade, which I chose according to my skin tone, and in this post I’ll be talking about this cutie. So keep reading… 

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Intense is the name of the game with this buildable liquid highlighter that delivers a multi-shimmer glow thanks to its shimmering pearl pigments. The hydrating formula is infused with powerhouses like Murumuru Seed Butter, Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin E to help smooth out the skin’s texture. You’ll look radiant even after a sleepless night.

  • Formulated with micro-fine pearl pigments to create a multicolour effect.
  • Velvety, cream-to-powder formula.
  • Ultra-blendable on the skin.
  • Ease of precision and control.

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PRICE : INR 675/- ($5.99) for a 15ml/0.5oz product.

AVAILABILITY : The Wet n Wild MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighters are available at Nykaa, Hok Makeup. These websites have just 3 shades available with them. You can also contact any of your favorite insta-seller who can get you these. I bought mine from Hok Makeup website.

SHADES :  The Wet n Wild MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighters come in 7 gorgeous shades –

  1. Halo Gorgeous
  2. Halographic
  3. Halo Goodbye
  4. Rosy and Ready
  5. Guilded Glow
  6. Goddess Glow
  7. Go With The Glow

In India, we just have access to 3 of the shades – Halo Gorgeous, Halo Goodbye and Guilded Glow. And I have picked GUILDED GLOW, the kind of shade I was looking for (not exactly, but something with gold in it). Guilded Glow is a beautiful champagne gold shade, which suits all medium skin tones.

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Packaging, Omg! I absolutely adore the packaging. These Wet n Wild MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighters come in a cute little clear cylindrical glass bottle. The shade can be obviously seen through, so we have some idea about how the shade looks from the outside itself. Really impressed that they come in glass bottles, at the same time worried that they might break when dropped accidentally. The liquid highlighter comes with a huge doe-foot wand applicator (the one similar to the MUR Conceal & Define Concealer, or the Tarte Shape Tape), it definitely feels like not a normal lipstick wand. The applicator picks the right amount of the highlighter which is enough for one use. Overall, the packaging is beautiful and sturdy but it’s not that travel friendly as I mentioned.

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The liquid highlighter has a creamy texture to it. Has a very lightweight formula and also does not feel tacky on the skin. They have beautiful sheen to them rather than just giving out pigments. They have micro glitters in them which don’t show up much like the harsh ones, they blend into the skin beautifully. The shade Guilded Glow is a gorgeous champagne gold shade, a shade which suits and complements every medium skin tone. It does look a bit lighter on my skin tone when swatched but once blended smoothly it gives a beautiful and natural champagne sheen to the skin which makes it look like a glow-from-within. If I use it on top of powders, it just sits like a patch because of the shade being lighter than my skin tone, and doesn’t look good. So I use this to mix it with my foundation for a natural glow.

Liquid highlighters don’t have a specific rule for application. You can use it any way you wish to. I like to use it any way, the way I’m most comfortable with. I prefer using it in place of my powder highlighters, if I’m bored of layering more products I simply choose this one. If that does not work for me, I go with dotting a few drops along with my foundation and blending it together with the foundation. It gives a beautiful dewy glow. That’s by far the best and only way liquid highlighters work best. When used on top of any powders, blending becomes a problem as it sets as a patch on the skin. Do not use beauty blenders or makeup sponges to apply this liquid highlighters, which worsens the situation. I always try to use the liquid highlighters with my stippling brush(preferably a smaller one) to stipple stipple and blend the liquid highlighter into the skin. If you don’t have any tools, well and good, you have your fingers which work equally best for liquid highlighters. Dotting the product and dabbing it into the skin is also a great technique to get the glow. But I guess this highlighter is not flash-friendly one, when used on top of powders. The glitters just hit back with a no-no.

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The glow stays on for a much longer time. I’ve had the highlighter on for around 5 hours and the glow had just receded a bit, not much at the end of 5 hour period. Overall, there’s nothing much to dislike this Wet n Wild MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter. Except for the fact that there are not enough shades available for deeper skin tones, I’m very impressed with this highlighter. I wanted to try the next darker shades, which are actually suitable to my kind of skin. Can’t wait to try them as well.

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Did you try the new Wet n Wild MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighters?? Which is your favorite shade? Lemme know…..


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