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Everytime I Google/search for the best hair mask for shiny and nourished hair, I always end up in some Banana mask. Everyone votes it as the best mask. And when it comes to trying it on my hair, I somewhat felt weird with that gooey banana pulp staying on my head and I can’t take that banana smell for so long. I’ve heard of quite a few Banana hair products, and thats when I accidentally found this brand new brand named Good Vibes and their Banana Hair products, amidst their huge range of products. In this post I’ll be talking about exactly the same GOOD VIBES BANANA SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER

Crafted with passion, skill, fresh ingredients and hair expertise. After all in life, all you need is Love, Healthy gorgeous hair and Good Vibes! Good Vibes Banana Shampoo & Conditioner combo helps to keep your hair shiny and manageable.

  • Bananas are high in potassium, natural oils and vitamins
  • Good Vibes Banana range softens the hair and protects its natural elasticity
  • It leaves your hair manageable, shiny and improves growth
  • The Good Vibes Banana range is filled with the goodness of real bananas to condition your hair and tame your locks making it shiny, silky and manageable
  • Along with nourishment, this shampoo-conditioner combo ensures your hair doesn’t go bananas anymore!


  • Hair Concern : Unmanageable Hair, Dull Hair, Split Ends
  • Hair Type : All Hair Types
  • Speciality : Paraben Free
  • Active Ingredients : Banana
  • Benefits : Enhancing Manageability, Shine, Silky Hair

Good Vibes Banana Shampoo Conditioner

  • INR 225/- for a 120ml shampoo
  • INR 175/- for a 120ml conditioner

AVAILABILITY : The Good Vibes Banana Shampoo and Good Vibes Banana Conditioner are available only on Sad that these aren’t available anywhere else, I tried to check all shopping websites online and even offline stores but I couldn’t find any – not even their official website. In case you find any, do lemme know, I’d love to update.


  1. Wet your hair. Pump out botanical goodness in your palm. Steadily and smoothly massage it on your scalp and across the length of your hair. Let the lather sit in up there for a couple of minutes.
  2. Rinse it away with water.
  3. Squeeze out the excess water and take generous amount of conditioner and apply it along the lengths of the hair, and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Rinse it finally, and go flaunt your locks.

Hey!! Pro tip, BTW, if you comb your hair before shampooing, it would help you do away with the tangles.

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Packaging, these Good Vibes Banana shampoo and conditioner come in a sleek dark brown colored plastic bottle which comes with a pump dispenser. For that price tag coming with a pump dispenser is such a great thing. The front has a bunch of bananas picture on it symbolizing the range. And the backside has all the details and description of the product, and also the list of ingredients in it. Overall, the packaging is very decent and very travel-friendly as well.

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The shampoo has a pearly yellow color to it with a silky texture to it. The shampoo literally smells of bananazzz!! It has a strong sweet smell of Bananas, your entire wash area is gonna smell of ripe bananas the entire time you wash your hair. Unless you’re allergic to bananas and its smell, it is completely okay to indulge in some fruity hair wash. Anyways, the smell only lingers for about an hour or less, after which it is hardly noticeable. This shampoo is only Paraben-free and not SLS free, so people who are into paraben-free hair products can happily use it. Since the shampoo has very less foaming agents, it lathers less compared to other regular shampoos. Such kind of less-lathering shampoo lather up more when in contact with water, so I make sure I emulsify the shampoo with water and also pour water while massaging it, so that it kind of works like a normal shampoo and it lathers a bit more.

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The Good Vibes Banana Conditioner comes in a same kind of packaging as the shampoo. It comes in a dark brown colored plastic bottle, with a pump dispenser again. The front side has its name of the range with the size deets, and the backside has the details on how to use the conditioner along with the list of ingredients in it. Overall, even the conditioner has a pretty decent and travel-friendly packing.

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The conditioner has a bright yellow colored creamy texture to it when you pump out. And when you start to rub the product in your palms to work, OMG it just feels slime-ey/gooey giving a real banana pulp feel. Also the conditioner got a sweet smell of ripe bananas. I totally enjoy using it. I follow this up after the shampoo routine. I apply the conditioner along the lengths of my hair and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. And after a good 5 minutes, I rinse it away with cold water.

Now talking about THE RESULTS – the shampoo claims to give shiny hair, which I think is true to its words. Yes my hair felt shiny and soft after I’m done towel-drying. I have a frizzy wavy hair which is totally a mess to handle. But this routine kind of tamed my frizzy hair a bit. And after I let my hair completely air-dry, it just felt much more manageable. I also noticed that this routine doesn’t dry out my hair, rather I felt much nourished tresses. Since these are only 120ml product, one can use these hardly for 8-10 uses if you have medium hair length. And for longer hair, I think you’d only have just 5-7 uses. Now I need backup of these – maybe I should search for bigger sizes.

Overall, I’m totally impressed with this new shampoo routine with the GOOD VIBES BANANA SHINE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER. If your looking for a paraben-free quality shampoo conditioner combo under a budget, then this is a must try. And bananas, obviously which are essential hair proteins is a must have. I’d definitely recommend these to everyone, and every hair type.

P.S. I’ve heard this shampoo is very much similar to The Body Shop Banana Shampoo, which I don’t own. I’d like to try the TBS one as well, and test it out soon.



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  1. Good Vibes products are just awesome. I appreciate your honest review, it is quite helpful.

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