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The livelier the LIPS, the brighter the SMILE! So true! It is equally important to take care of those dry, chapped and lifeless lips that we ruin every single day with loads and loads of lipsticks n stuff. It’s time to care of our LIPS now and give back its life. And I’ve recently discovered this new brand INFINITE CARE (@inficare99), a really small indie brand which brings out its first exclusive lip care products. In this post, I’ll be talking about this new lip care routine I’ve been following and loving lately. 

Infinite Care lipcare kit 2

INFINITE CARE comes up with exclusive lip care range that contains all three essentials for lip nourishment. These Lip Care Sets come in 3 different flavours – COFFEE, ROSE and LEMON. And each set of the Lip Care has a full routine of –

  • 👄 Lip Scrub, to exfoliate/scrub away the dead cells & roughness on the lips..and help to give creaseless lips.
  • 👄 Lip Mask, to heal and brighten pigmented lips & makes lips soft and pink. (use it with rose water).
  • 👄 Lip Plumper, to give natural pout effect & plump up the lips with regular use.

Infinite Care lipcare kit 3

The whole set costs only INR 375/- and we get a 7g product in each tub.

You can buy this lipcare set from @inficare99 only from their instagram page. And you can save some money if you show this CODE – SHAILZ_R50 when you place your order.

Infinite Care lipcare kit 1

My Experience : The entire set comes in individual small little plastic tubs. And glad that there’s a card that indicates ‘How To use’ this. To start with, I’ve moderate dry lips FYI and since winter is around the corner, it is the best time to take care of the lips.

  • The first step being the Lip Scrub, it is made of all natural edible ingredients like sugar and coffee, just in case of anything gets into your mouth😜. I only wish the sugar granules were smaller. The scrub did exfoliate the lips well and got rid of the dead skin. Infinite Care lipcare kit 4
  • The next step is Lip Mask, which is one of my favorite step actually, I could use it every single all by itself (without any scrub step before). It is a mixture of Coffee, Clay and Essential oils, which is to be made into a paste by mixing it with any liquid medium and applied to the lips and wait for 15-20 minutes until it’s dry and then wash off. While applying the mask I observed that my fingers got stained(because of the coffee ingredient in it I guess), and I was so scared that my lips would also stain. When I washed it off, to my surprise it didn’t stain..and my lips were super smooth and soft. I was totally stunned by this mask now- like wow! Infinite Care lipcare kit 5
  • Lastly, the final step was to moisturize the lips with the Lip Plumper. To me, it’s more of a hydrating lip balm. It claims to give plumper lips, but in my case it gives the least plumping effect. It has that cinnamon fragrance, and has the slightest ever tingling sensation. I’ve used cinnamon essential oil directly on my lips, so I can compare them. For beginners this plump balm is absolutely great, and yes of course, it is prepared keeping them in mind, who cannot take much of that burning/tingling sensation. The tingling sensation fades away in a few minutes, and you might leave the balm on the lips, or as they suggest you can wipe it off with any wet wipe and apply your fav lipbalm. Infinite Care lipcare kit 6

Here’s a little ‘during’ and ‘after’ pic, as I couldn’t take a total ‘before’ one when my lips were way too dry and lifeless. Infinite Care lipcare kit 7

Overall, I’m totally impressed by this new lip nourishment routine and thank you Infite Care for this. I’ve noticed my lips being so much nourished and hydrated from the first use itself. This lip care regime has been made keeping in mind the needs of beginners who have sensitive skin as well. I’ve been using this for quite some time now on alternate days, and my dry, chapped lips look so much better. And regarding the lightening/brightening effect, I see a minor change in that dark outline of my lips..I’ll have to give it a prolonged use to check for more visible results.

Did you try this new lip nourishment kit?? You have to…..


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