I did not even expect a normal nuetral kind of a palette perform so good until I swatched this Febble Tease Me eyeshadow palette. A dear friend, who runs an online Instagram store @online.makeup.store.india sent across this beautiful palette to me. Febble, although not known to everyone, this is pretty much an Aliexpress popular brand. In this post, I’ll be talking about this beautiful palette and showing some swatches and a pretty simple eye look using it.

What it is : A warm/cranberry eyeshadow palette that can be used for both day and night.ย 

What it does : This eyeshadow palette is highly pigmented, made with jojoba oil, and easy to blend. All 21ย beautiful shades work well with every skin tone. This palette is versatile for a subtle day time look and will transition to a sultry night time smoky eye, and is the perfect go-to for any occasion to create your flawless sexy look.

Buy the Febble Palette here

Packaging, this Febble Tease Me eyeshadow palette comes in a pretty pink and black colored magnetic cased palette. It does come with the outer little side-swept cover though, which has all the details about the palette and the ingredients list. And I’m super happy to see this palette being cruelty free. The palette does come with a full sized mirror, which is great but it does not include any brush applicator. And I’m super glad to see all the shades named individually. The palette is pretty lightweight, and can be traveled with as well.

I do have a lot of neutral toned palettes because the first thought that comes to my mind if I want to buy any eyeshadow palette is always go for the pinkey, mauvey ,neutral, earthy toned palettes. So by now my entire collection has most neutral kind of palettes. And I had not so great expectations from this one with the first sight. But but, I was wrong.

This palette has a mix of matte and foiled shadows. That first row of foiled shadows is what made me fall in love with this palette, that I don’t care for any other shades. Those foiled shadows have a creamy formula, which have beyond-the-imagination insane pigmentation and glide on the eyes super comfortably with fingers. The matte shades have a perfect spectrum of daily wearable shades – like the creams, pinks, corals and browns. Thank god there’s a black included in this palette, but personally I’m not satisfied with that black as it is not that intensely pigmented as what I was looking for. But that is totally okay.

The matte shadows also have great color pay off and they do not feel chalky or patchy on the eyes. They blend easily on the eyes. I use my fingers while I’m working with the foiled shadows as for me, I feel fingers do give out the best results rather than the brushes. Only for my inner corner highlighting and sometimes for my brow bone highlighting I use a brush with these foiled shadows. And they don’t have any fall out what so ever. I was surprised to see there’s not much transfer either as I’ve hooded eyes – you know what I’m talking about. And these did stay intact for a good long time. I’d even wear the foiled eye shadows on my bare eyes when I just need that bling for the day, and I’m good to go.

Here’s a look I created using this eyeshadow palette –

Buy the Febble Palette here

Did you try this Febble Tease Me palette? Lemme know your thoughts if you’ve used it….

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