A few months back, or in fact when I took Korean skincare quite seriously, I stumbled on few Indian available and affordable Korean skincare products which mostly happened to be from The Face Shop and Innisfree brands, which were obviously the first Korean brands that were most popular in India. Although I was so intrigued by the 10-step Korean skincare thing, I cut it short and started with the basic steps. The Face Shop products were most of it, which I’ll be talking about in this post.


A rush of hydration for gorgeous skin! The Chia Seed Hydrating Toner by TheFaceshop is a moisturizing toner that instantly hydrates the skin and tones dry and flaky skin.It is a premium eco-friendly skin toner free from parabens, made with miraculous seed “Chia Seed sprout” for enhanced moisturizing effect. Formulated with extract of Chia Seed which absorbs up to 10 times its own weight and naturally moisturizes your skin, this toner balances skin pH level, while providing long-lasting hydration and comfort. It also contains citrus extracts to purify pores, while removing dead skin and toning dry skin with moisture for healthy, revitalized skin.

  • Hydrates and tones the skin instantly
  • Improves skin texture
  • Gives your skin a surge of moisture
  • Formulated with extract of Chia Seed
  • Free from parabens
  • Suits all skin types

PRICE : INR 1350/- for a 145ml product.

DIRECTIONS TO USE : Apply after cleansing. Dispense into your hands or soak a cotton pad and apply over clean skin. For intense, longer-lasting moisturizing, soak a cotton pad and place on areas that need extra moisturizing. Remove after 30 seconds.

After cleansing my face with The Face Shop Rice Water Bright- Rice Bran all-in-one Cleanser, I use this hydrating toner. Thanks to these toners, which actually changed my toner game. I’m not a toner person at all, and having oily skin toners would really mess my skin. I hardly used any toners. This toner is my absolute favorite, for it ultimate soothing and hydrating properties. Unlike typical toners which are to be poured onto a cotton pad and rubbed on the skin, this toner is one that can be directly patted into the skin like any lotion. So what I did is I transferred it into a spray bottle (because it comes with a pump nozzle), and I spritz it on my face as soon I cleanse and pat it gently to dry. The toner is a little light on the skin and has a pleasant aqua floral scent to it. It quickly gets absorbed into the skin and leaves a soft dewy glow. I love how it works on my combination skin. It does soothe and hydrate my skin well, and does not leave it greasy or tacky. And I’m ready for the next steps.


Hello glowy, soft and supple skin! The Face Shop’s Chia Seed Hydrating moisturizing emulsion improves suppleness and gives fresh moisture and softness. The Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion fills skin deep with moisture droplets of organically farmed Chia seeds, providing rich moisture and nutrition to skin and improving elasticity of your skin. This refreshing lotion ensures skin relief from tightness upon application while improving suppleness and giving your skin a surge of moisture. It’s formulated with organically farmed Chia seeds to provide ample, long-lasting hydration. Containing citrus extracts, it also purifies your pores, while soothing your skin for a healthier and softer complexion.

  • Contains 100% Chia Seed extracts instead of water
  • Uses organic Chia Seed (manufactured via the Fresh Extraction method within 24 hours)
  • A moisture hug system
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Suits all skin types
  • Formula without 7 additives: Paraben, Benzophenone, Artificial Colouring, Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Triethanolamine & Animal-sourced Materials

PRICE : INR 1350/- for a 130ml product.

DIRECTIONS TO USE : Every morning and evening, after washing the face, pump 1-2 times according to the following sequence and tap lightly with fingers for absorption.

Essence or Emulsions is my immediate step after toning. Emulsions are essentially light-weight, non-sticky, water-based basic moisturizers that helps your face absorb other beauty products. It helps retain hydration level and prevent moisture loss from our skin surface. This hydrating emulsion comes in a translucent plastic bottle and has a pump dispenser. This emulsion is a white colored water based, quite runny formula-ed. ! pump is enough for my entire face. It feels quite lightweight on the skin and quickly gets absorbed in to the skin leaving a supple glowy skin. This emulsion does suit all skin types, and is free from Parabens and stuff. I started this during the winters where my skin would literally drink up everything I applied. But now, during the hot climates, this emulsion does feel a little greasy and sometimes I only apply an emulsion and leave. If you’re looking for light moisturizers, then such emulsions would be a great pick for oily skin people.


An excellent brightening serum that contains white-daisy, leaves skin with full-fairness and moisture, the White Seed Brightening Serum by Faceshop is a sure winner for star quality skin! This smooth, brightening serum effectively penetrates into skin, giving it a boost of radiance and brightness. A compound of brightening ingredients such White Lupin Seed, which contains a natural brightening substance, and White Daisy Flower extract, which helps reducing dullness makes skin look bright and clear.

  • It makes dull skin bright and clear.
  • This product is dermatologically tested.
  • Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.
  • Suits all skin types

PRICE : INR 1990/- for a 50ml product.

DIRECTIONS TO USE : Apply adequate amount on face and softly tap for absorption.

Serum is the next step after the Emulsion/Essence. The serum I picked is from the White Seed range and it’s the Brightening serum, which my dull skin requires. And serums are my holygrail, I cannot live without facial serums. This White Seed Brightening Serum comes in a white plastic pump bottle. The serum has a milky white gel kind of consistency. This is also a lightweight serum and has a fast absorbing formula. It immediately hydrates the skin leaving a soft supple feeling. True to its claims, this serum does brighten the skin and evened my skin tone. The hydration from the toner, emulsion and this serum is enough that I sometimes stop with this step, but yeah I sometimes top the serum with my moisturizer or a night sleeping mask at night times. I’ve been consistent with this serum, in fact the entire routine, from which I’ve seen great results. My skin has experienced a tremendous change in the texture and it glows.

Overall, I’m really glad to be taking up this Korean skincare seriously, and I think I’m never going back to any other ritual soon. My skin feels great with an improvement in the texture and tone. And touchwood, I haven’t seen my face break out often as it’d do before. This has been my initial steps to my Korean skincare routine, and I’m glad these have helped me a lot.

Did you try these The Face Shop products??

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