I remember seeing the wheel liners or the roller liners first time on MAC cosmetics page, and this was very funnily named as the ‘pizza cutter’ eyeliner. And very soon this trendy eyeliner was a new sensation among few famous brands out there, but trust me I never ever imagined someone in India would bring this up. Yes, PAC Cosmetics has launched these new innovative Steel Wheel Liquid Liners in India, and how exciting is that! Available in 6 shimmery shades, these will be easy to glide on eyes without any tugging or pulling. They were kind enough to send me 3 of them for reviewing, and that’s what is all about this post. In this post, I will be talking about these new Wheel Eyeliners in town and how they fared.

Get foolproof precision with this breakthrough liquid eyeliner that delivers a smooth, thin line every time. Introducing PAC Steel Wheel Liquid Liner – a one-of-a-kind liquid eyeliner with a unique tip that sets it apart from the rest. The steel wheel liquid liner features an usual wheel-like nib that picks up the product. The idea is that you no longer need to draw your eyeliner on bit by bit – simply roll the inky wheel along your lash line and voila, a smooth, seamless line.

  • New-generation roll-on eyeliner featuring a unique wheel-shaped applicator that glides over eyelids rapidly
  • This precision liquid eyeliner is packed with a pigment rich, intense and long lasting formula
  • The easy to use wheel tip offers optimal control for the ultimate no-skip precision

PRICE : INR 645/- for a 1ml product.


SHADES : These PAC Steel Wheel Liquid Liners come in 6 beautiful shades –

  • 05 FRESH CUT

I have got 3 of them – Gold Digger, Ocean Waves and Knight in Armour.

Packaging, they come in a classic PAC cosmetics outer box; a black colored outer cardboard box with silver fonts on it. A little about the product details and the respective shade names is mentioned on it. The shade name is mentioned on the box. And the eyeliner comes in a typical glossy liquid liner packaging; everything is the same except the fact that the tip is a little roller kind of. In short, if you’ve known about the MAC Roller Wheel eyeliners, these packaging is so similar to them. This packaging is quite convenient for travelling.

PAC has made these in gorgeous glitter shades, and I wish they also come up with matte eyeliners. The wheel picks up enough product to work with and is so small that it allows to draw even the thinnest line. It has to be rolled over a couple of times to get a thick, bold line. With these shimmery/glittery shades having a medium-buildable pigmentation, it definitely requires a couple of rolls to get a good opaque finish. The roller gives a sleek straight line, and is great for drawing the outer wing. But this doesn’t have/give that tendency to curve out or draw nice waves (you understand right?!)

Not gonna lie, this took quite a few tries for me to get used to a totally new technique with a new kind of liner. And it definitely is gonna take time for everyone to get used to it.

Overall, if you’re someone who always craves to try new stuff in the market, then these PAC Steel Wheel eyeliners should definitely be in your bucket-list.

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