Let’s be really honest, I’m not a fan of Lakme lipsticks at all, until I found the 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipsticks. That was by far my first and best encounter from entire Lakme, beautiful shades with amazing formula. And after that, recently I found something interesting from Lakme again, the Matte Revolution Lip Color lipsticks from the Lakme Absolute range. Right from the launch I know I had to try these lipsticks, omg they were so tempting in fact. I waited for some time to check for some swatches from bigger influencers so that I invest in them because I kid you not, these are quite expensive ones for a drugstore brand like Lakme. Anyways in this post, I’ll talk about some of the shades I picked from the Lakme Absolute Matte Revolution Lip Color lipsticks.

So feather-light, it doesn’t feel like makeup! Introducing Lakmé Matte Revolution Lip Color Lipsticks – a collection of 20 gorgeous matte lipsticks that are designed to be long-wear and infused with goodness of raspberry seed oil known for its deeply nourishing and soothing properties. The creamy light formula glides on without dragging. Simply run the bullet over your lips once for instant glam. The buttery formula softly hugs lips and sets in a comfortable finish. Be assured of an intense colour payoff with just one application! Don’t worry about a drying effect as it is enriched with nourishing properties that keep lips soft and tender. This range of lipsticks lasts throughout the day without weighing down your pout. It comes in a sleek bullet form that you can pop into your party clutch while heading out. From plums to pinks and nudes to corals, the range is available in 20 delicious shades. Make a statement with mattified, pretty lips!

  • Unique bullet
  • Light weight formula
  • Intense matte pigmentation

PRICE – INR 800/- for a 3.5g product. Of course I bought mine for a discounted price. I found these quite over-priced for a drugstore brand.

PACKAGING – For the 800 bucks I paid, I should say that this is such a disappointing(cheap, in fact) packaging. I wish Lakme could have done a better job working on packaging as well. Comes in a very normal black colored outer cardboard box with a little color coded thing on the bottom. But the lipstick inside comes in a translucent black plastic normal twist-up bullet form. It only has the shade name at the bottom, and the lipstick name printed on its body. At least a color coded cap would do good for that hefty price tag, right.

SHADES – Lakme Absolute Matte Revolution Lip Color lipsticks come in 20 gorgeous shades, from nudes to pinks to reds to the bolds. I think it is definitely a great start for any new range to launch such a diverse range of shades though.

  • Bombshell Red 101
  • Envious Red 102
  • Blushing Red 103
  • Maroon Fantasy 104
  • Insane Pink 201
  • Pink Million 202
  • Shocking Pink 203
  • Mauve Mania 204
  • Mauve Me 205
  • Morning Coffee 301
  • Soft Nude 302
  • Wild Brown 303
  • Brazen Caramel 304
  • Vintage Rust 305
  • Nutty Chocolate 306
  • Obsessive Orange 401
  • Coral Kiss 402
  • Coral Pink 403
  • Dynamite Berry 501
  • Burgundy Blast 502

As you see, Lakme has categorized the lipsticks and has given 100 series for the reds, 200 series for the pinks, 300 for the nudes, 400 for the corals/peaches and 500 series for the deeper shades.

I picked 4 shades, which are basically the nudes and the bolds. Coz, I’m either one of them – mood swings though.

  • MAUVE MANIA – is a mauvey pinky shade. I should have picked Mauve Me but I dunno what was I thinking when I ordered it. Goes great on fair-medium skin tones. It might not look flattering on deeper skin tones though.
  • WILD BROWN – is a true brown shade. Like the chocolate brown color, with slight warm undertones. Absolutely flatters deeper skin tones also. I’ve seen MrJovita wear it, and it looked stunning on her. It’s gonna be like the perfect nude lippie for deeper skin tones.
  • DYNAMITE BERRY – is a deep dark maroon shade. Universally flattering color.
  • BURGUNDY BLAST – is a deep rich maroonish brown. More precisely, I should say it’s a deep oxblood shade with brown undertones. And another universally flattering shade.

FORMULA & TEXTURE – These are a complete butter lipsticks; in formula and in texture too, which makes them too prone to break even while twisting up or putting the slightest pressure in applying the lipstick. The cold climate is kind of keeping it solid I assume, but I’m sure these would melt off fully in hot Indian climates. But good thing is that they have a comfy, creamy formula and they do apply smoothly without any tugging.

PIGMENTATION – These lipsticks have amazing pigmentation, not kidding. One swipe and you get a good color pay off. And they set to a velvet matte finish.

HOW IT PERFORMS ON ME – Quite impressive of these lipsticks I should say. The shape of the bullet gives us to draw neat edges, so you outline your lips first and then fill it. Initially it glides on like a buttery, creamy lipstick but in a few minutes it sets to a beautiful velvety matte finish. Very comfortable and non-drying. It does transfer a teeny-tiny bit with the initial few touches anywhere, but the lipstick is still on. I was too tempted to try the darker shades, my god they were absolute divine. However, I found them go a little patchy on the lips. They also do leave a stain behind; for me I personally like it because in that way even if the lipstick fades off the stain kind of covers it up.

LONGEVITY – These lipsticks did last for a good 5 hours on my lips, without much snacking or having any meals. Although these are smudge-proof, when you eat any oily/greasy food it starts to fade from the center of the lips.

RECOMMENDATION – Uh, it’ll be a yes and no, to be frank. If you’re someone who likes to try new lipsticks in the market, or someone is a huge fan of Lakme then only I would 100% suggest them. But if you’re someone on a budget, yet looking for good lipsticks you better check out Lakme 9 to 5 Primer+Matte lipsticks.

Did you try these Lakme Absolute Matte Revolution Lip Color lipsticks? Which is your favorite shade?

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