I am back with another StyleCraze Beauty Box unboxing and review post. All thanks to the StyleCraze team to send in this pretty beauty box filled with goodness. Well, beauty boxes are a great way to pamper yourself out of your busy and hectic life, because that’s what we all crave for at the end of the day. Let’s see what we have in this beauty box..

I’m not sure Stylecraze has monthly subscription or not, but you can frequently get their beauty boxes when you Sign Up and start reviewing products at www.stylecraze.com/reviews/ 

I mentioned this in my previous StyleCraze Stay Fabulous Beauty Box review too, but I cannot stop myself from appreciating their box packaging. Such chic and so floral, and damn girl you can use the box as storage organizer later, which is what I am doing though.

This StyleCraze beauty box is a curation of skincare, hair care and personal hygiene products.


Designed for women, the Gilette Venus Breeze Razor is a 2-in-1 razor with flexible shave gel bars containing rich body butter for a light lather and smoothest shave. It has three spring-mounted blades and a telomer coating with shower storage.

  • 3 spring-mounted blades with telomer coating
  • Moisture gel bars with body butters and glycerin
  • Built-in razor gel cushion
  • Moving, rounded shaving head
  • With shower storage for blades

Buy Gilette Venus Breeze Razor here

The razor definitely feels luxurious. With a unique 3-blade technology, this razor gives the precise smooth cut in just one slide. It has a good wand grip which gives us a good controlย over the sliding. The in-built razor gel bars definitely make the process easy and hassle-free and pain-free slide and the Avocado oil leaves the skin moisturized. The razor glides smoothly and effortlessly on the skin without tugging and gives a smooth and satiny soft shave and is quite gentle on the skin. Can be used all over the body, anywhere. I feel the gel bars are a bit over-slimy and they glide over the hairs too, instead of cutting them so you need to go 2-3 times over that specific area to get that precise shave. The single blade razor would do the same, having 3 blades we do expect a single stroke finish right? However, the good thing about shaving is that, unlike waxing where you need to wait for certain time to grow to remove your body hair, razors helps to get rid of that stubble growth as soon as you notice them.


Enriched with the goodness of Lychee, this sheet mask hydrates and heals your skin, giving it a healthy glow. It’s also infused with black truffle which helps in skin purifying and activate oxygen properties, that vitalises your skin.

  • Enriched with lychee and black truffle
  • Moisturising and hydrating
  • Heals dry, damaged skin
  • Revitalises your skin
  • Gives your skin a youthful glow
  • Biodegradable sheet made from plant fibers

Buy MyGlamm K.Play Lychee Hydrating Sheetmask here

Filled with loads of the goodness of Lychee scented essence, this sheetmask is a way to pamper your skin on a busy day. Lychee, rich in Vitamin B3 helps nourish and hydrate the skin. Enhanced with Hydracure Complex that moisturises and improves your skinโ€™s elasticity. The sheetmask fits snugly on to the face and feels comfortable on the skin. This is a moisturizing lightweight mask, for one use that is what you can experience. Leaves the skin extra moisturized, supple and fresh. So glad that this sheetmask is a biodegradable sheet made from plant fibers, which is absolutely skin-friendly for all skin types. And look who’s free from – Free from parabens, benzophenone, and artificial colorants.


A non-sticky Coconut Oil enriched with the added goodness of Vitamin E and fragrant Jasmine extracts for lustrous hair. This formula adds nourishment to hair to make it strong while imparting natural, healthy shine to it. Gives your hair the strength it needs, while leaving it silky and shiny.

Buy Parachute Advansed Jasmine Oil here

An absolutely every household necessary product. I’m sure every house in India has at least a Parachute Coconut Oil bottle; its definitely a lifestyle by now. I remember my mom pulling my hair to oil it every week, although I’m not a fan of it. For someone who’s not a fan of that peculiar coconut-ey smell, this one’s for you. Having a lighter formula than the original oil, this Jasmine oil has the added benefit of Vitamin E and loads of Jasmine extracts to relax your senses while nourishing the hair.

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