Believe me, I drafted this blog-post way back in March and ever since the pandemic has hit the world, everything is just not alright. And loosing your own loved ones in this difficult times is even worse. And I haven’t really been so consistent with my blogposts. I am still trying to cope with everything and trying to be on track. Anyways, that kept aside, If you’ve seen my 2nd Elizavecca Haul, you’d know that I chose this Vitamin C ampoule to try out. Vitamin C is all in hype now. I really have mixed feelings for Vitamin C serums. I took a good two months time to give it a thorough test and here I am with the review.

A reliable water supply pure Vitamin C to brighten the whole face. With pure Vitamin C, consisting over 30% of the facial ampoule, this highly concentrated vitamin ampoule provides instant moisture, brightens skin tone, wrinkle-care, and skin protection all in one. Also contains Niacinamide, another of its star ingredients, which helps improve the appearance of wrinkles on the skin as well as having properties that help with fading spots and hyper-pigmentation. These components together promise to reveal a luminous, hydrated, soft and smooth skin, free of stains.


Now, Elizavecca mentions that Niacinamide and Adenosine as the active ingredients, but sadly Adenosine is the last (literally last) ingredient and Niacinamide is somewhat on the first five main ingredients.


1. Apply after cleansing and toning. Use 2-3 drops and smooth in gently all over face.
2. Initially, a slight tingling may be experienced (a passing phenomenon).
3. Mixing with several drops of toner. Makes your skin refresh without being gooey.
4. After applying Vitamin source , apply moisturizer is more effective.

Packaging; I like the fact that it comes in a dark glass bottle. The outer packaging, definitely I knew Elizavecca would slay with its cuteness, no question about it. The box has all the details about the product on it. With such a high concentrate of Vitamin C, I did not want to see it in a clear packaging though. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have chosen this. However, I am super confused with this serum. I gave a full research almost everywhere and watched every other person’s review, and with each person I have noticed the color of the serum being different with each other, I don’t know why?! This really concerns me, like with some I’ve seen it be in very clear form and with some it is a yellow colored and with some others it appeared deep orange color. That’s completely weird and something which the brand has to look in to. I know that Vitamin C serums oxidize pretty fast and has be used with a time limit, and with this 30% Vitamin C concentrate I knew I had to be very careful. But my serum, first of all, came in in a deep orange color..I don’t know what to assume with that. Even though, I gathered my guts and went ahead to use it, only after I patch-test for 2 days continuously.

Also, the text on the box makes me laugh out loud; seems like they’ve true-translated the Korean language. The lines makes no sense though. Anyways this doesn’t matter much.

Before proceeding further, lemme clear one point that I nowhere fall for the word ‘WHITE’ or ‘WHITENING’..and this applies to all brands. Elizavecca was the first brand to create a serum with 30% Vitamin C. Because the normal ‘prescribed’ dose of Vitamin C in your skincare has to be between 10-20%. Elizavecca went way ahead of every brand and created this miracle, which made me wanna try it. And I really have this love-hate kind of relationship with the Vitamin C serums in my routines.

The serum has that typical liquid-y serum consistency. It has a mild citrus fragrance to it, and subsides after a few minutes of application. The serum is water based, hence quickly absorbs into the skin without any tacky or greasy feel. I don’t know about others but every time I work with any Vitamin C serum, I have this slight heat up sensation on my face right after I apply my Vitamin C serum. This does the same, and that too subsides within 5 minutes so I am completely okay with it. The serum is very light and gives a much hydrated skin. Of course I top it with my moisturizer and not to forget, my sunscreen which is a MUST. And it is always suggested to refrigerate Vitamin C serum so that they remain potent and do not oxidize with the daily temperature.

My Experience – My skin drinks up the serum, and heats up a bit right after application (as I already told how it feels like after application). Yes, I have the same love-hate relation with this Vitamin C serum too. This serum helped in improving the skin texture, make it smooth. It also lightened some of my blemishes, I mean it was just a slight difference during the time I used. I used this serum for almost 2 months, in my morning and night routines. Thankfully, this did not break me out nor gave any adverse affects on my skin. Coming to the main claim of this serum, the ‘whitening’ thing – I don’t think it delivered any of it. My skin was so very same as before; but I could wake up to a plump and radiant skin, which does not imply that it whitened my skin..NO. I hope that line made sense. Or maybe Vitamin C takes way more time to show its effects on skin of color. I mean with such high concentration of Vitamin C too I could see normal results, which any of my normal Vitamin C serums would give. Also, I have no acne issues at the time I used this, so I cannot really say how this serum acts on acne skin. I obviously discontinued the use of this after two and half months, because of course I had other things to try out. I could really come to so many conclusions about this Vitamin C serum..the other conclusion I have is that maybe this is a bad batch of Vitamin C that isn’t much result-oriented, so….it didn’t work much on me.

Bottom-line, I am still confused with this serum with the formulation. Also, I haven’t been seeing/hearing much about this product, maybe the brand is on the verge of discontinuing it (it’s just my random guess)..I don’t know.

Would I recommend? NO. you obviously have better Vitamin C products with lesser concentrations that work well on the skin.

Have you tried this Elizavecca Milky Piggy Real Whitening Vita Sauce 30 serum? What are your thoughts about it ? Lemme know….

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