Your skin type is not even the same as your mother’s, as a matter of fact; so why are you following your favorite influencer’s routine just because they fancy it so much without even knowing what at least is their skin type. Knowing your skin type and concentrating on skin targets really is the key to healthy and glowy skin. Ditch all those expensive bottles of skincare that you thought would work for you, but went in vain. First things first, determine your skin type to work accordingly and see the magic happen yourself. And mind you, skincare is not easy darling. So let us start our healthy skin journey with knowing our own skin and working on it. In this post, I’ll let you know how to differentiate or determine your skin type and what products or specific ingredients work for your skin type.

Sounds fun, right?! As fun as it is, it is very important to know your own skin because you are the one carrying it for your life and you gonna own it soon with the right procedures. I’m sure most of you, by now, might already know their skin but it’s never a harm to start from basics sometimes, so that you can work (more) on.

Here’s how to determine your skin type?

  1. Cleanse your face with a mild or gentle cleanser. Pat dry.
  2. Leave the skin bare for some time (maybe for 20-30 minutes).
  3. After 30 minutes, evaluate your bare skin. Try flexing your facial muscles.
  4. Does your skin feel tight? Is it dry and patchy? Does it shine, or do you see any oil on the skin? Does it feel shiny and dry at the same time??

How do I know my skin type?

These are the six basic skin types, and there can be combination of two types too. With these skin types we have all different categories of skin issues. It all depends on the internal things happening and it is completely fine.

And also, many a times, most people confuse acne as a skin type. For god sakes, NO. Acne is a SKIN CONDITION. Skin type is basically the skin with which you’re born; sometimes might change according to the external circumstances and seasonally. But you are not born with acne, right? Acne is a skin condition with hormonal imbalances at different rates and different times and last dependently. Similarly, aging/aged skin is also not a skin type. You, me and everybody is a natural process of a human. And that’s the reason you would not find about acne or aging skin type in this post. It is definitely a different topic, which I’d talk separately. So please do not mix up and confuse yourself.

I hope this post helped you in determining your skin type. And if you spot your skin type, stay tuned..I’ve got a simple and basic skincare routine for all skin types, which will be coming your way. Stay tuned and stay connected. Subscribe to my blog so you do not miss out my posts.

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