Oh this is a never ending topic for us! I can talk about Kbeauty for hours and days. Well, Korean beauty has taken a storm in the skincare industry and everyone is so obsessed with the 5-step, 7-step and 10-step routines, layering products and what not. If you live right in the Korean country or around, or anywhere maybe it is easy to find and get Kbeauty through YesStyle and official websites which ship internationally. But idk why is it till date so difficult to get Kbeauty directly shipped to India..which is why most of us rely on third part apps or sellers who get them for us; mind you the prices they charge is also equally at hike than the original, ofcourse cannot blame them for the customs they’ve been charged though. Phew, isn’t this way too much struggle to get our hands on the so-much-wishlisted Kbeauty skincare products. Worry not..because I have brought you a list of websites from where you get buy your favorite korean skincare products without any hassle.

Also, if you haven’t checked yet or are reading this article for the first time, I have already talked about some of the authentic Instagram pages who sell Korean Beauty products; by authentic I also mean they have their own websites too where you can place orders. If you missed that post, here it is – Where can I buy K-Beauty products in India?

A lot of new eCommerce websites have emerged through the last two years, and yes it’s been almost two years since I’ve posted about that. So my basic rule of no-repetition, meaning I would not be repeating the same pages/websites that i have already mentioned in the first post. Let this one be dedicated to the new comers. I am still an age old customer of few of the pages; I buy most of my Kbeauty stuff from them.

Sublime Life : Curators of Clean Beauty products. Apart from organic and Vegan brands, they also include most Kbeauty brands like CosRX, Dear Klairs, One Thing etc. I have personally shopped so many times from them and always had a great experience; also don’t forget to check their sale.

Limese Connect : A platform that delivers cult favorite Kbeauty brands at your doorstep. They have some unique brands like Nacific, Be Plain, UNPA, Some by Mi, Too Cool for School etc., also including the CosRX, SNP and One Thing. They also have their own in-house brand- LIMESE but I don’t know why did they discontinue them.

Maccaron : Global beauty destination striving to make the best of Korean skincare and some luxury brand products available at your doorstep. From Keep Cool, Rovectin, Goodal, Isntree to Benton, they have so many more kbeauty brands to check out.

Vanity wagon : Another authentic Clean Beauty marketplace. With so many sustainable brands in there, they also have CosRX, One Thing, SNP and Some by Mi brands. Check out for their all year discounts.

Skinbae : India’s leading store for premium International Skin Care brands, including many Kbeauty brands as well. This is a new platform and very surprisingly Skinbae is from my city, Hyderabad. I have recently shopped from them and had a great experience. They have super cool brands like Celimax, Rovectin, Thank You Farmer.

Isleofskin : Curated by South India’s famous playback singer, Chinmayi Sripada, Isle of Skin is a platform for the best of Kbeauty brands. If you follow her social media, you’d know she’s a huge fan of Kbeauty and I guess that’s what made her start her business. Isle of Skin has amazing brands like Cosrx, Pyunkang Yul, Leegeehaam, Dr Ceuracle etc.

Kindlife : New in the line is this KindLife platform where you can find authentic clean brands and obviously Kbeauty directly sourced from the brands. You’ll find brands like CosRX, One Thing, Be The Skin, SNP, Nacific, Some by Mi etc.

Foxy : A new seamless beauty store that curates all sustainable brands and also korean beauty brands included. Brands like Dear Klairs, It’s Skin, CosRX, Celimax, EunYul are to be found. I have shopped from them and I had a good experience with them as well.

Apart from these, our age-old Nykaa is always available for Korean Beauty brands as well. If you didn’t know, Nykaa has brands like CosRX, Rovectin, Too Cool for School, SNP, etc.. to try.

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