Ever since I started using my instagram and a lot of online stores have followed my insta page, I have been seeing these INCOLOR COSMETICS MATTE ME-ULTRA SMOOTH MATTE LIPCREAMS. As a matte freeak, I really longed for these MATTE ME lipcreams. And finally now i got my hands on these beauties. These are the exact dupes for the SLEEK MATTE ME LIPCREAMS. I was really amazed how could each and every detail of these be just the same as the SLEEK ones(except for the name although). And to my surprise some of the shades are also duped.

059 (2)

061 (2)

There are a total of 15-17 shades in the INCOLOR MATTE ME-ULTRA SMOOTH MATTE LIPCREAMS range. And they do not have shade names, they are just numbered from 401 to 417. Having them in my lipsticks checklist, I picked a few of them recently. So here are the shades that i bought-

063 (2).JPG

403- A bright neon-ey pink shade (Dupe for SLEEK: Brink Pink)

405- A purple shade with pink undertones (Dupe for SLEEK: Fandango Purple)

407- A really bright red color with very slight orange undertones (Dupe for SLEEK: Rioja Red)

415- A perfect neutral shade (Dupe for SLEEK: Birthday Suit)

AVAILABILITY:- These are not so available in every beauty store in every city. Not at all. This is one of the not-so-known brand in India. If you live anywhere in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, there are some beauty stores that sell them(so you have to check your local dealors).  But if you have instagram account, you are lucky enough to find a ton of insta stores selling these.

PRICE:-  These are actually priced at INR200. I bought them for INR300 (for 6ml). But most instagram online stores sell them for 300-350-400-450(somewhere in that range). We just need to check for the lowest sellers.

061 (2)064 (2)

PACKAGING:-  Comes in a similar packaging as the SLEEK Matte Me lipcreams. They come in a transparent square lipgloss kind of tube through which the actual shade can be seen.

The InColor Matte Me lipcreams stay on for a really long time. They dry to a ultra matte finish. Feels feathery soft. These lipcreams actually accentuate any lines  on the lips, So exfoliation beforehand is a must for applying them.Never budges, but if you have smaller lips and you have a light meal, then the color starts to fade from the inside of the lips. The lighter shades are mediumly pigmented whereas the darker shades are almost highly pigmented.

065 (2)d
trying to get the true colors in natural sunlight


  • Super affordable-by far the cheapest super matte lipstick
  • Dupe of Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream
  • Dries to a super matte finish
  • Stays on all day long
  • Very pigmented


  • Drying and peels of from the inside after snacking
  • You need to exfoliate well before applying the lipcream
  • The lighter shades comes out bit patchy if tried to layer it
  • Accentuates fine lines


So that’s all for this post now. Hope I helped someone who is in need for a good review of them. Thank you for taking your time and stopping by here.

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