Colourpop hauls never stop. These babies always keep pouring in. This is another small haul from Colourpop cosmetics. I bought the entire stuff from an Instagram page.  Since I mentioned  already in my previous Colourpop post about the deets, I thought I’ll make this a total picture-post(without much of me scribbling the same old story).

IMG_0815.JPGSo this time I thought I had to get my hands on few of the eyeshadows. And also I couldn’t stop myself from the highlighters.


First up, I bought 3 Super Shock eyeshadows – in the shades KATHLEEN  LIGHTS, GET LUCKY and WEENIE. The reason I chose only these shades is, I saw a post in gram that Kathleen Lights and Weenie are the exact dupes for the Kylie cosmetics Birthday edition eyeshadow shades Copper and Rose gold. That post made me get these shadows. Oh god these are so creamy, so buttery and so so so pigmented. Eyeshadow brushes wouldn’t pick nor give that much effect so your hands should be your tools to use any of the colourpop face product. IMG_0824.JPGIMG_0825.JPGAs you see, yes one of the eyeshadow came in little broken and other one had a little press in the middle and the third one came in perfect condition. Untitledd.png

Next up, my favorites, the show-stoppers. Its the Super Shock Cheek-highlighters. I got the shades – WISP and CANDYMANIMG_0832.JPGIMG_0835.JPGimg_20161116_121401-1The top one is Wisp, which has subtle pink undertones to it. And the bottom is CandyMan, which is kind of a coppery highlighted shade.

And finally, the Ultra Mattes. I bought one shade ARE & BE, but then Colourpop had an offer which said we get a free lippie for orders more than $20(so sorry that I totally forgot the offer claims), so I got the NOTION shade as a free lippie. Woohhooo!!!IMG_0829.JPGIMG_0830.JPGIMG_0838.JPGAren’t these shades sooooooo gorgeous? Totally adoring these two mattes. OMG I am dying over these two shades. Perfect for the Fall season as well.

Final swatches of all the babies- IMG_20161116_123315s.jpg

Yeah and that is all the got myself this time. And  all this is from Heena who handles internationalmakeup_ Instagram page, a very humble person and a makeup junkie just like me.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Tell me your favs  from colourpop so that I get to know and maybe I too can try them. Leave a comment below.



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