It’s all about matte-revolution now a days! And I am a crazy sucker for mattes, my foundation has to be matte, my powders, my bronzers, my eye shadows, my lipsticks and my nail polishes too. Basically, that’s my kind of preference. As and when PAC cosmetics announced that there was something new launching and it posted pictures on Instagram, there wouldn’t be no person as excited as I was. I literally waited for them to release asap, and as it was live on Amazon stores, I picked up 3 of them along with some other stuff.



A revolutionary new lightweight, non-drying formula in our liquid lipsticks! Gives you an opaque payoff with just one swipe! Our liquid lipstick dries down matte right after one swipe and lasts through thick and thin! Available in 20 unique shades.

  • Lightweight
  • Opaque payoff with just one swipe!
  • Dries down matte right after one swipe!
  • For best results: Avoid oily food 


PRICE–  INR 550/- for 6.5ml.

AVAILABILTY– On Amazon website. And it’s definitely better to fill your cart full because PAC does charge for shipping. If you just pick up one-two products you’ll be charged with a shipping of 50-70 bucks. And thank god PAC did take away their previous shipping charges, coz before it was charged for per each product. And lucky Mumbaikers that they got a store and it’s easy for them. Anyways, it got all better now.


SHADES–  There are about 18-20 shades available. From bright pinks to corals to fuchsias to nudes to reds to maroons to browns to berry shades. I picked up 3 shades – shade no. 11, 17 and 20. These matte glosses do not have any  names to them, rather they are just given numbers from 1-20 respectively which is from the paler pinkey shade to the darkest shade.



PACKAGING –  PAC Retro Matte Gloss comes in transparent plastic tube, with a black screw cap. And the shade number is mentioned at the bottom of the tube. This Matte gloss comes with a doe foot applicator. This packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly. And BTW Wet n Wild released their liquid lipsticks during the same time and surprisingly both PAC and Wet n Wild have exactly similar packaging.



  1. TEXTURE/FORMULA –  It’s  got the right texture of a liquid lipstick. Not too runny as a liquid nor too thick like a cream based lipstick. They glide  on the lips very smoothly and evenly. The doe foot applicator reaches the sharp edges perfectly without any hassle.
  2. COVERAGE – The shades I own are mostly towards the darker shades and hence a single swipe/layer is enough for a neat opaque finish. Maybe the lighter shades need a double layer on dark/pigmented lips. And it takes no time to set to a complete matte. And OMG these bad boys have got an amazing formula. I mean how are they so perfect?!! Once set to matte, these do not budge, they don’t fade, they don’t smudge/crease, they don’t crumble at all. The only con that i  find is that these liquid lipsticks are too drying. But, i heard that if paired with their lip-primer they work well.
  3. STAYING POWER –  Okay now, when I said that they don’t smudge , they don’t move apart, they don’t crumble and blah blah, it is so obvious that they have a long staying power. Yes, these do stay up for more that 7-8 hours. And the fading from the inner rim is obvious from the oily food with any kind of lipstick, but it is not that significant.


And here are some lip swatches –


Overall, PAC has really done an amazing creation I must say. A definite try out product if you wanna try anything from this brand.

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