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Hello beauties!!

I’m a huge admirer of PAC Cosmetics, all their products are amazingly stunning and a huge hit in the makeup industry. I absolutely love every product of theirs as they keep pouring in with new releases. I’m trying to build my own PAC kingdom slowly. If you are a makeup lover or a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, then you must know the importance of makeup brushes. And it is never enough to have enough makeup brushes in your vanity. PAC Cosmetics has added in the new Kabuki Brushes to the makeup brush stash. Recently, I got my hands on 2 of their kabuki brushes. I’ve always loved kabuki brushes, they just make the makeup application very easy.  (more…)

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New PAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Gloss | New Formula, New Packaging


If you stay in India and you haven’t heard of the brand PAC Cosmetics anywhere, then you might be missing some really amazing and best quality products by now. As I have said a ton of times whenever I talk about them, PAC Cosmetics literally have my heart on. I totally adore their products. And we are super proud to say that PAC is an Indian brand. Yayyy!!!  (more…)

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By now PAC Cosmetics literally has my heart on. I totally totally totally love each and every of their product. I’m slowly trying to accumulate whole of their brand in my stash from now. They have the best quality products which are super affordable in the market. So recently PAC came up with the Baked Highlighter in almost 11 different shades. And being a highlighter freak(glow goddess) I know that I had stock them on. Lemme actually get you through what this product says and is in this post. (more…)

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It’s all about matte-revolution now a days! And I am a crazy sucker for mattes, my foundation has to be matte, my powders, my bronzers, my eye shadows, my lipsticks and my nail polishes too. Basically, that’s my kind of preference. As and when PAC cosmetics announced that there was something new launching and it posted pictures on Instagram, there wouldn’t be no person as excited as I was. I literally waited for them to release asap, and as it was live on Amazon stores, I picked up 3 of them along with some other stuff.

IMG_20161216_173001.jpg (more…)

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A few weeks back PAC cosmetics had launched some makeup stuff to get us more excited. Yes, they did launch quite a lot of products, from foundations to concealers to liquid lipsticks and a ton more. In this post I will be doing a detailed review about the HD Liquid foundation and let’s see how this performs.

IMG_20161216_170357.jpg (more…)

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PAC cosmetics have recently launched some exciting new makeup stuff. PAC did come up with only eyeshadows, eyeliners, lip pencils, lashes and makeup brushes in the beginning, but now they have everything. Literally, from over a 100 eye shadows both in shimmer and newly launched matte shadows, to eyeliners, to different lashes for each and every eye type, to makeup brushes for every need, to makeup sponges to mini powder puffs, to makeup cleansers, to oval brushes and this list never ends. And now they have launched liquid foundations, concealers, compact powders, matte blushers and bronzers and yes some liquid lipsticks. No one can get more excited as i am..omg!!

So here are what all I bought from PAC cosmetics.IMG_1069.JPG (more…)

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Hello angels,

Lately I have been liking the PAC cosmetics products. Although i bought few others before(will be reviewing them soon too), this would be my first review for this brand.

PAC, which is called as Professional Artist Cosmetics is an Indian brand which started recently and is tremendously growing in today’s beauty world. They have their exclusive store at Andheri, Mumbai where in you can purchase it directly. And  also for others convenience their products are available online at their official website, Amazon and also in flipkart.


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