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But I just had three to show, lol. I was always astonished seeing the NYX Lip Lingerie swatches on every single girl, but lately I’ve realized not all shades are meant for me (in the dusky Indian skin tone context). Although I love the beautiful lip hugging formula, there are only few shades which really stole my heart and here I have the shades that I own. Read the full review of few of the shades of these NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks.



I remember seeing the wheel liners or the roller liners first time on MAC cosmetics page, and this was very funnily named as the ‘pizza cutter’ eyeliner. And very soon this trendy eyeliner was a new sensation among few famous brands out there, but trust me I never ever imagined someone in India would bring this up. Yes, PAC Cosmetics has launched these new innovative Steel Wheel Liquid Liners in India, and how exciting is that! Available in 6 shimmery shades, these will be easy to glide on eyes without any tugging or pulling. They were kind enough to send me 3 of them for reviewing, and that’s what is all about this post. In this post, I will be talking about these new Wheel Eyeliners in town and how they fared.



Hey beauties!

Multi-utility makeup sticks have been in rave in the recent times. And just in the right time came the Stay Quirky brand with their Foundation Concealer Color Corrector Sticks. The name says it all, theses are multipurpose foundation sticks which come in 10 shades including color corrector shades. I wouldn’t have picked up these foundation sticks if there weren’t any dark shades; I’m glad these have darker shades but in vain only 2 shades. This post is going to be about these foundation sticks and stay till the last to know how these perform.



This post is all about these little wipes that I was curious about. Firstly the packaging definitely attracted me, and secondly I have been using Clean & Clear products for quite some months and I kinda like them. And lastly this is the first mini cleansing wipes that Clean & Clear has bought up, so obviously I had to try them. I remember these being available on Amazon and Nykaa, but sadly now are not found. I picked mine from a local supermarket at a discount, and in this post we’ll see what these wipes do.



These lipsticks came in without any attention, but girl why isn’t there much bang for these. I know these are already a favorite for few, but for those who don’t know about them, here’s the long launched Colorbar SINFUL MATTE Lipsticks. Or oh, is it that you are waiting for any sale to grab these๐Ÿ˜‹, coz I obviously did get mine from a sale though. I felt the price point was too steep for these, so I had to. Okay, let’s first talk about these beautiful lipsticks in town and then we’ll see its drawbacks. This post is all about the two shades that I picked in this Colorbar Sinful Matte Lipstick range.



Hey my beautiess!!

Late on the bandwagon though, but I bought these Stay Quirky Liquid Lipsticks way back and since then I have been getting a lot of messages to swatch them and review them. I bought these just because these were so freaking affordable and obviously I’d buy when there’s a sale on Purplle website so I get additional off, so a steal deal. And recently Stay Quirky also added few more shades in this liquid lipstick range making it a whooping 30 shades in total. I picked few shades in random, because back then I could not find any swatch games to check but thankfully I think pretty good shade. In this post, I will be talking about these liquid lipsticks.


Makeup Brushes You Didn’t Know Were Indian-Made |Professional Quality

Much known or unknown fact that lately India recently also makes some great makeup tools. But let’s keep this post close to only about the topic – Makeup brushes. The entire concept of makeup itself is so intimidating, exspecially to girls, I know! And no makeup turns out pretty without the right makeup tools, and what am I talking about – the makeup brushes category. This post is for those people who simply cannot afford all Real Techniques, Morphe and Sigma Beauty brushes or someone who cannot get them from international websites. Guys, worry not; there are a lot of Indian brands which make amazing quality makeup brushes which imma mention in this post.



I saw this Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush Palette being available in India from HOKMakeup website, and I was super excited for it. I thought to look for some swatches and info about it online but surprisingly, I haven’t found any. I bought this palette from Flipkart during a sale, a month ago and I thought I would do the honor to review this palette and show up some swatches as well. That being said, I’m doubtful if this is from any Limited Edition collection coz I cannot find information about this palette even on the official Wet n Wild website. With all this blabbering kept aside, let’s jump straight into the review…


MAYBELLINE X GIGI HADID COLLECTION |Eyeshadow Palettes, Liquid Strobe|Review, Swatches

I know, I’m super late on the wagon but it’s still never too late. This review is something about all favorites collab. Our favorite super-model Gigi Hadid has collaborated with the cult favorite brand Maybelline, bringing us the #MaybellineXGigiHadid collection. This collection was launched quite a long time before, which is the cutest range ever. Who else specially loved their PR boxes(lucky you bloggers out there who received them)? omg I was so in love with their amazing packaging and literally everything; lipsticks, eyeliner and eyeshadow palettes being my most favorite. I had to get the eyeshadow palettes, coz those were what pulled my attraction the most. And in this post, I’ll be talking about these Gigi Hadid palettes.


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