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I recieved July month’s BlingBox just a few days back and here I’am unboxing it. I am so happy for Nikita, the girl who is behind this whole BlingBox subscription box and is the person who delivers happiness to her subscribers. Last time, the Luxury BlingBox for June month was simply amazing and hands down to her way of hand packing each and every product. So, let’s see what we have in this month’s BlingBox.


This month’s BlingBox comes actually in a beautiful hand and machine crafted sling bag, which is also a part of the subscription. The bag is machine crafted and all the pearls on it are actually hand crafted. This is such a beautiful long sling bag, which compliments any attire in any season.



In this bag are the products which we get and she had also hand written a cute note about the BlingBox and what all we get in it.


We have 3 jewelry pieces(out of which one is a gift), 1 makeup product and a ton of skincare from 3 brands.

Firstly the jewelry, they are super chic and super cute.. IMG_20170720_121557-01.jpeg1500708675113.jpgIMG_20170720_121811-01.jpeg

And there’s a makeup product in the box. It’s the Maybelline Creamy Matte lipstick and I got the shade Lively Violet. IMG_20170720_122931-01.jpegIMG_20170720_123231-01IMG_20170720_123330-01

Finally, the best part, the skincare products in here. We have a total of 3 sheet masks from MondSub, a face and body mist from Fuschia vKare brand and there’s an aloe mud mask and rase water from a new brand called Mitti Se.


Yay, finally! I got my hands on the undereye gold eye mask from MondSub. This is most fast selling mask now and I’m excited to try that. I’ve tried a variety of masks from Mondsub earlier and I absolutely love them.


And this Fuschia Petals Rose Face and Body Mist is the star product of this month’s BlingBox. Omg, such luxurious packaging and a really cute travel-friendly size, I’m in love with this beauty. This mist is exclusively only and only for BlingBox subscribers. And this smells crazy like rose gardens, although the fragrance just stays for an hour max. It refreshes the face and it doesn’t feel any sticky or tacky. IMG_20170720_122043-01IMG_20170720_121910-01

You can subscribe to the BlingBox here and place your orders directly with her – www.instagram.com/blingboxofficial


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