MySign Fire Eyeshadow palette 3

You know by now that I’m so much obsessed and addicted to Makeup Revolution products, and they’re just not stopping their out-pour of their new launches. Makeup Revolution has a separate line called the MY SIGN COLLECTION – which basically brings out products based on our zodiac signs. On this note, recently MySign Collection has launched their Elements of Earth Palettes, which consists of 4 (FIRE, EARTH, WATER & AIR) palettes. Now, I’m a person who looks out for warm tones while getting any eyeshadow palette and FIRE was one palette from this collection which instantly caught my eyes, and guess what – this FIRE Pressed & Baked Eyeshadow Palette truly is made for me, yeah I’m a Saggitarian.

MySign Fire Eyeshadow palette

Fire, Earth, Air and Water elements are grouped from the twelve zodiac signs. Each of these elementary groups have unique qualities. 15 stunning eyeshadows in a mix of warm toned matte and shimmer to create your perfect eye look, with colors designed to suit our Fire sign zodiacs. The eye colors chosen for the palettes reflect the spirit, style and personality of each sign. Fire sign is made up from zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Each palette has a selection of 15 gorgeous matte and metallic shades.

Each of the palette brings together three signs in one single palette – 

  • FIRE (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)
  • EARTH (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)
  • AIR(Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)
  • WATER (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

PRICE : £6. I got mine for INR 750/- which is a steal deal.

Here’s where I got this palette from – @dbeautyloungeindia.

MySign Fire Eyeshadow palette 1

MySign Fire Eyeshadow palette 2

Packaging, goes on pretty very simple. I mean for a £6 and 15 shaded palette I could not ask for more. It comes in a plastic palette with a see-through lid so we have a glimpse of the shades inside. It does have gold prints and borders everywhere to bring that luxe look. All the description of the palette and the deets about what your sign indicates is mentioned on the carton box that it comes with. Also there’s no applicator included inside the palette. I know, some of the Makeup Revolution palettes don’t come with brushes, which I’m totally okay with. Overall, a pretty decent packaging.

MySign Fire Eyeshadow palette 4.jpg

MySign Fire Eyeshadow palette 5.jpg

This FIRE palette is a mix of Pressed and Baked eyeshadows. I wish there were more baked eyeshadows in the palette, but its got only one – yeah the first white shade from this palette is a baked eyeshadow, while the rest are all pressed shadows with metallic and matte finish. The FIRE palette truly brings out the shades and tones of fire, umm not exactly but the mix of warm orange and gold tones gives us that feel. The shadows are insanely pigmented and they go good on the eyes both wet and dry. The metallics and the shimmers go on very soft and smooth on the lids and feel very comfortable. They just blend in easily and not just sit as chunks on the lids. There are 2 mattes shades in here, which are again greatly pigmented and are not at all powdery and chalky. They work best as base as well as transition shades.

Here are the swatches – MySign Fire Eyeshadow palette 6

MySign Fire Eyeshadow palette 7

Basically I’m totally not an shimmery eyeshadow person, I mostly prefer matte shadows but this FIRE palette somewhere stole my heart. I love this palette.



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