Finally! LA Girl has launched the Pro Matte HD foundation in India. I’ve heard so many good things about this foundation from many foreign bloggers and I was waiting for it to come to India so that I could give a try on this foundation. So as soon as I heard it’s landed in India, I made my mind and googled everywhere to find my best match shade. Along with the foundation, I picked up the Pro Face Pressed Powder which has been in my wishlist for so long. 

With a soft and suede-like finish, PRO Matte Foundation will have you covered and shine-free all day. Creamy, liquid formula provides smooth and buildable coverage for both day and night time wear. Minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for an even, soft focus effect. Paraben free formula with added vitamin E, B5 & sunflower oil.

Get a flawless finish with HD PRO Face Pressed Powder that helps cover imperfections with a long wearing, oil controlling formula. With a buildable coverage, it can be applied alone for a soft, radiant look or over liquid foundation for fuller coverage. Cruelty and Paraben free product. Suitable for all skin types. 


PRICE : INR 1250/- for a 30ml(1 fl.oz) foundation. And INR 700/- for a 7g(0.25 oz) pressed powder. I got the powder at a sale(money saving, you see).

AVAILABILITY : This foundation is available on HOK Makeup and Nykaa websites.

SHADES :  The PRO Matte Foundation is available in 14 shades which cater almost all skin shades. The shade range starts from the lightest shade, Ivory and goes on to the darkest shade being Cappuccino.

And the PRO Face Pressed Powder comes in a total of 15 shades, again which is a great line to choose from.

I chose the shade WARM SIENNA in the Pro Matte Foundation range, and CLASSIC TAN in the Pro Face Pressed Powder range.


To be honest, its been a while now since this foundation has launched and nowhere on the internet nor on their website I could find the actual swatches of the foundation as well as the powders too. And seriously, I’m not interested in those computerized graphic swatches, which don’t even depict that shade. So, at last I stumbled on BeautyFrenzy’s blog where her swatches looked so much better and spoke the truth, so I went ahead and picked my shade. It is definitely great to see brands come up with foundations with the huge spectrum of shade range, but I really wish they release the swatches so that people will know how and which shade to pick.


Packaging, the Pro Matte Foundation comes in a sleek frosted glass bottle, very much thinner than the Pro Coverage Illuminating foundation. It comes with a pump dispenser, which is great thing and makes it easy to travel with. And the Pro Face Pressed Powder comes in a round plastic compact case, with a transparent lid for the shade to be seen through. It comes with a sponge applicator and a full sized mirror which are at the back of the powder pan. This kind of packaging always makes the application a bit uncomfortable.

The foundation has a thick creamy formula with a velvety smooth texture to it. It gives a medium-full, buildable coverage. So the perception goes like this- if you’ve blemished skin, then this foundation gives a medium coverage where you can still see some of the spots peaking through the foundation and you need to go with another coat. On the other hand, if you’re blessed with great skin then you’ll find that this foundation gives a flawless full coverage. You hardly need just 2 pumps of the foundation to cover the entire face. The foundation is just on the skin and is absolutely non-tacky. I’ve oily-combination skin and everytime I need to set my face as soon as I wear foundation, but this one didn’t need, the foundation set to a flawless matte finish unlike the Pro Coverage foundation which sets to a dewy finish. It did not leave my skin with any dryness or patches anywhere which is a great yay for me.


The shade Warm Sienna has a mix of both yellow and orange tones, so it is suitable for all warm dusky beauties out there. And when it dries down, it turns a tad bit dark. The shade is a perfect match for my skin tone, but as the day passes by it oxidizes a bit(not crazily though). I dunno if anyone else observed it or not. Also I haven’t noticed any creasing with this foundation. It stayed on for more than 8 hours on my skin and it did not move at all. It was only my T-zone and the areas around my mouth and nose that went oily just within 4-5 hours coz of my crazy oil-production face.

The Pro Face pressed powder is a super finely milled and pressed compact powder. It has a soft and smooth texture to it and is great for setting the face after the foundation routine. The shade Classic Tan is a perfect match for my skin tone and I can use this pressed powder alone during the days when I don’t wanna use the foundation. It is not at all chalky or leaves any white cast behind, it blends into the skin very easily.


Here I’m wearing the Pro Matte Foundation and used the Pro Face Pressed Powder to set my under-eyes. I have just prepped my face with a good moisturizer and haven’t used any primer. And I used my RT Miracle sponge to blend in my foundation. The foundation definitely gave a flawless matte finish and it pretty much covered my dark under eyes(pls ignore them). I haven’t used any concealer over the foundation nor color-corrected, I just wanted to show how the foundation looks by itself.

LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation Review-01-1

Overall, I’m  super impressed with this LA GIRL PRO MATTE FOUNDATION. The wait was so worth! Except for being on the pricier side, this foundation is good for daily wear with a medium to full coverage and giving flawless results. I’d recommend it to everyone, there’s a shade for everyone. Oily skin girls and matte lovers will love it as it gives that flawless matte finish. Dry skin beauties need to a good prep before applying this foundation if they think the matte-ness is gonna dry their skin.

Did you guys try the new LA GIRL PRO MATTE FOUNDATION?? untitled1


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