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I’ve recently developed love for blush palettes and when it comes to JUVIAS PLACE brand, damn I would just fly in the air. Thanks to the 50% off sale that I could get my hands on them! During that sale, I just plunged onto these THE SAHARAN BLUSH BUNDLE from Juvias Place and OMG! they are just life! Want to know more? In this post I’ll be talking about these beautiful Blush Palettes. Keep scrolling down and reading. 

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The Saharan Blush Bundle(Volume I & Volume II Blush Palettes) is the ultimate all in one palettes delight which embodies a meticulously formulated array of multi-functional colors. A perfect blend of shades to captivate facial structures with a flush of richly pigmented colors to make you a true Saharan. 

Fun Fact – The Saharan Blush Volume I Palette can be used as a blush/contour palette or even eyeshadow palette. 
Skin Tone Details – Both the palettes work beautifully on all skin tones as a blush/contour Palette.

Use with Caution!!! Due to the High Pigmentation of colors!! A little goes a long way with these blushes! 

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PRICE : $34 for the bundle ($18 for individual palette), exclusive of shipping charges(the shipping is too high – $18.12 to India).

I bought mine from an Instagram seller – @adoremakeup16 (I really don’t wanna take the risk of paying all that shipping and duties n stuff, so I buy most of my international stuff from trusted instagram sellers)

SHADES : The Saharan Blush palettes come in 2 shades, which are the Volume I and the Volume II editions, and apparently these two are sold as bundles/combo.

  • Volume I is an extremely high pigmented, super bright and deep colored blush palette.
  • Volume II has a subtle colored, yet highly pigmented blushes to play around.

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Packaging, the Saharan Blush palettes come in a beautiful colored Juvias Place theme. The Vol I has got a minty blue colored outer casing. The actual palette also has the minty blue color on the outside and a deep bright coral color in the inside. Whereas, the Vol II has got beige color going on on the outer casing. And the palette also got beige color going outside and a subtle peach color in the side. The colors are just rightly given based on the blush shades as well, I feel so. Each palette has 6 pans, which are huge in size. Both the palettes have 27g of product each, so a single pan has a 4.5g product. So one palette can obviously last my entire life, seriously. All of Juvia’s products are cruelty free and both palettes are also free from parabens and mineral oil. Overall, the packaging  is good, very comfortable with all the fun colors.

Talking about the formula and performance, we know that Juvia’s Place is known for its high pigmentation and best performance palettes and they’d never disappoint us. The same goes with these palettes, they are absolutely phenomenal! I’ve never seen such rich pigmented shades ever in my life. You just need a single swipe for that rich coverage, and you get what you see in the palette. The palettes have a mix of matte and metallic shades. The matte blushes have a super satiny velvet feel, and the metallics have a rich creamy formula that glide on so smooth. They blend in super smoothly like butter and doesn’t leave the skin any patchy or cakey. And they have very minimal fallout, even from the shimmer shades.

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The Saharan Blush Vol I is designed for all the melanin rich beauties – the deeper and darker skin tones. It has got 4 matte blushes and 2 highlighters. Although it is meant for the melanin rich beauties, of course anyone can use it – atleast as an eyeshadow palette, as I do! That deep bright colors give me so much of the eyeshadow palette vibes. I’d definitely use them as eyeshadows.

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Breakdown of the Shades –

  • ZARA is a rich creamy metallic amber gold shade.
  • NEO is a deep brick red matte shade, with brown undertones.
  • LILA is another rich creamy metallic bronzey gold shade.
  • ZANE is the most brightest of the fuschia pinks ever.
  • TOBY is another bright sunrise/sunset yellow shade.
  •  ABY is a rich deep brown shade with purple undertones.

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Juvias Place The Saharan Blush Bundle 6

I see myself using the Vol I Blush palette as eyeshadows rather than blushes. Especially, the shades Zane, Toby and Aby, they work so good as eyeshadows, to create a bright eye look. Zara and Lila are such a bomb highlighters, that suit medium-deeper skin tones perfectly. You need to use this palette with a very light hand incase you wanna use them as blush/contour shades. Or you can build them up blending it incase you wanna use them as eyeshadows.


The Saharan Blush Vol II is made for the fair-medium skin toned beauties. This palettes has also got 4 matte blushes and 2 highlighters. Vol II has  all the soft and subtle shades that complement lighter complexions. This is the palette I’d reach out more for daily subtle blushes.

Juvias Place The Saharan Blush Bundle

Breakdown of the Shades –

  • YARA is a warm toned peachy brown shade.
  • SOLA is a rich creamy metallic rose pink shade.
  • TAU is a bright matte orange shade.
  • BEE is a mauvey berry pink shade.
  • ZOBA is a creamy metallic peachy champagne gold shade.
  • LEENA is a bright matte coral shade.

Juvias Place The Saharan Blush Bundle 10

Juvias Place The Saharan Blush Bundle 5

This Vol II is a perfect palette for all medium skin tones. None of the shades are chalky on the cheeks. Only overloverlaying them makes it look chalky, and I’m sure we won’t do that mistake. Tau and Bee are my favorite blush shades, they give such a natural flush of color to the cheeks. Yara is one shade I wouldn’t reach for much, I rarely use it as a transition shade on my eyes, and it works really well. Or sometimes even as a bronzer, since it has that warmth in it. Zoba is a beautiful highlighter which suits fair-medium skin tones perfectly. And I’d definitely use Sola as an eyeshadow to create any shimmery look.


Overall, what an absolutely gorgeous freaking palettes are these JUVIA’S PLACE THE SAHARAN BLUSH PALETTES!! I’ve never had any complaints with the Juvia’s Place palettes, be it any palette. I wish they did include mirrors as well. I’d definitely recommend these palettes to everyone, that being said I’d suggest you to choose the palettes wisely.

Did you try these JUVIA’S PLACE THE SAHARAN BLUSH PALETTES?? Which is you favorite palette?? Lemme know…….


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