ASAP Granola Bars Review

Seriously, the sweet hunger cravings really makes me go cray-cray! It is not an easy game at all – uh no no! But lately I’ve discovered this brand ASAP which is As Simple As Possible who serves nutritious Granalo Bars and I received a bunch of these nutritional snacks by them which I’m so enjoying it ever since I’ve opened the package. I’ve just replaced my mid-day snacking with these healthy bars and relishing my sweet cravings. These ASAP Granola bars are power packed and are a great pre and post workout snacks. These are also a great source of fibre, proteins and vitamins.     

As Simple As Possible are Granola bars made from ingredients you know are great for you. A simple food and beverage company started off in Bangalore, India they realised the need for healthy yet convenient food items. Thus came the ASAP granola bar.

As Simple As Possible – ASAP Granola bars are a simple solution to hunger. Keeping it real and healthy!!

  • Perfect 4 pm snack which imbibes the philosophy of goodness and simplicity yet being tasty
  • Great source of fiber, vitamins and iron
  • Simple ingredients which can be seen by you with no added preservatives
  • Keep them in your desk at office, pack them with your kid’s lunch or put them in your backpack as you travel the world healthy snacking at your convenience. 

These are the 3 flavours in which ASAP bars come.

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PRICE : INR 180/- for a pack of 6 assorted or any individual flavoured bars. Each bars is priced at 30/- for a 40g product. You just can’t have only one – so it’s better you pick the assorted box.

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INGREDIENTS : ASAP Granola Bars Review 2.jpeg

Packaging, as you are seeing, is very pretty. Each bar come in a plastic wrap packaged in a cardboard box. In case you’re buying a bunch – like a box of assorted flavors, then they’ll be packed securely in a bigger cardboard box, hence there’s absolutely no tension of getting any broken bars and stuff. The protein bars have the flavor of it mentioned in the front of the box, while all the nutritional values and ingredients list mentioned at the backside. Thus making them very travel-friendly, we can quickly throw these into our handbags/travel cases or pockets for a quick snack while on the go.

Almond and Dark Chocolate – the ultimate combo of decadent dark chocolate with wholesome almonds, the perfect pick-me-up for your body and your mind, great source of fibre, protein and vitamin E. ASAP Granola Bars Review 4.jpg

Carmel and Cashew – crunchy cashews and almonds dipped in goodness of caramel, when eating gets this good, how can you not go nuts, loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and rich in fibre. ASAP Granola Bars Review 5.jpeg

Fruit and White Chocolate – bits of sweet tangy berries on a bed of smooth white chocolate, the crisp blast of sunshine for your dark busy days, great source of fibre, vitamin C and iron. ASAP Granola Bars Review 3.jpeg

These granola bars are too yumm.. They are just soft, crispy and chewy, compared to other hard protein bars in the market. Along with the goodness of nuts like Almonds, Cashews and dried Fruits, these bars have a hint of that chocolate which makes these ASAP bars so special. And they’ve just incorporated the right flavored chocolate to the right kind of nuts. I love the way they’ve made these bars – one side its all the rolled oats, rice crispies and the nuts, and the backside has the light dip of their respective chocolate/caramel coat. It is more like – you cut down on your chocolate and binge on the healthy granola.

The taste is absolute yummy – they are fully fiber packed. You can feel it every time you chew into the oats, which are the dominant cereal in this bar. My favorite has to be the Fruit & White Chocolate bar. It’s the perfect combination of granola with fruits and white chocolate. I’m a huge dark chocolate lover but I don’t enjoy it with roasted almonds, so the Almond & Dark Chocolate is just an okay for me. The Cashew & Caramel is the sweetest snack among the 3 flavors – kids would definitely enjoy the extra sweetness.

Overall, with no added colors and no chemical preservatives, these ASAP Nutrition Bars are a perfect solution to satisfy your hunger cravings as they’re so yummily filling and keeps you full till the next meal. And being  so affordable one box can keep your mid day cravings for a week, if you eat one bar a day or you might need a second box of goodness. I don’t think this is a vegan-friendly nutrition bar as I see some milk substitutes in there, so except for vegans everyone can enjoy it. I’d definitely recommend these to everyone.

Did you try these ASAP Granola Bars?? Which is your favorite flavor?? And do leave some more suggestions of such healthy Protien/Granola/Energy bars – I’d love to try them…


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