Hair growth has never been so delicious! Until I’ve come across this brand named COCOA LOCKS, who sell hot chocolate drinks which apparently grows our hair…sounds weird right – how can chocolate grow your hair? I’ve never heard of such miracles anywhere. When Cocoa Locks contacted me to test their product and review them, I thought I should give this a try and know if this really works. And in two weeks of their shipment, I received my 1-month hair growth program in HOT CHOCOLATE. In this post I’ll be talking about what is this brand and its claims and does this really work? So keep reading….


Our Hot Chocolate hair formula is a daily remedy to repair, rebuild, grow and strengthen your hair. It is infused with essential hair vitamins & minerals to ensure that you can achieve that celebrity shine with just one Hot Chocolate a day! Cocoa Locks delicious Hot Chocolate formula is vegetarian, gluten free and cruelty free and only 26 Kcal per serving. So, you can get all the benefits without the guilt.



  • Formulated For Results – Cocoa Locks’ formula has been clinically proven by the European Union to maintain healthy hair due to being packed with essential hair vitamins such as Biotin, Zinc & Selenium.
  • It’s Simple – Only one mug or glass of Cocoa Locks is required each day. It is as easy as that!
  • It Tastes Amazing – Cocoa Locks is the worlds first chocolate, drinkable hair vitamins. Great hair and we get to drink chocolate.
  • Low Calorie – There is only 26 calories in a mug of Cocoa Locks or our Chocolate Hair Shake. So, you can achieve your healthy hair without the guilt!


The packaging which you see aboveis the new packaging, compared to the one that I own bcoz yeah I know I’m totally late in reviewing this product. And in the mean time, a lot did happen.

INGREDIENTS : Sugar, sweet whey powder(milk) ​, fat-reduced cocoa powder 14.5%, skimmed- ​milk powder, Biotin, Folic acid, Selenium enriched yeast, Zinc sulphate, Salt, thickener (E 466), anti-caking agent (E 551), flavouring.





  1. Add 2 teaspoons (7g) of Cocoa Locks to your favourite mug
  2. Add 140ml of hot water and a splash of milk
  3. Give it a stir & enjoy!
  4. You only need to drink Cocoa Locks Hot Chocolate once a day

PRICE :  The price of these depends on the monthly programs you choose. Go to CocoaLocks page to choose your ideal hair growth program plan.

Packaging, my Cocoa Locks Hot Chocolate came in a basic paper pouch packaging, which actually got torn while shipping and some of my hot chocolate powder got spilled into the postal cover itself which I safely transferred into another container for the rest of my use. I really had issue with this kind of packaging, but right after I received my package Cocoa Locks changed its packaging – like its all new blue and pink packets that you see now. I’m glad  about that though. The packet does have the ingredients mentioned on  it and also how to use the drink. SO, it’s pretty much a basic and messy packaging, which I don’t like at all.


The Cocoa Locks Hot Chocolate comes in a brown colored powder form. I take 2 flat teaspoons of it and mix in hot water. I tried with milk the very first time, and I didn’t like it, so I continued with plain hot water. And coming to the taste, the hot chocolate drink just tastes bland, although it had a strong chocolate aroma coming from it which I think  is balancing everything and that’s the reason I’m okay with it. The daily dosage of Biotin is 800µg which is way  less than any average daily dosage. I did try the Biotin supplements which has 5000mcg-10000mcg for my overall hair health. I’m sure Cocoa Locks made this formula keeping in mind the starters who’d start with lesser doses first.

Here’s My Experience in using the Cocoa Locks 1-month Hot Chocolate Hair Growth Program :  First of all thing, lemme tell you my hair type and condition – I have mid-back length wavy frizzy hair and in the recent months my hair has experienced quite some damage (most probably hairfall issues). I started to drink the Cocoa Locks Hot Chocolate in the mid of April and it lasted me till mid May. Week 1, I hadn’t noticed any changes in my hair and its condition. It was in Week 2 that I noticed my hair condition getting good and my hair feeling healthy than before. But I dunno I wasn’t able to notice any change in length or thickness.


Week 3 and my shedding has reduced(not fully though) and I do feel fullness in my hair. It was almost a month and I rather cared much on anything but drinking this cup of Hot chocolate drink has become like a routine. And it was after a Sunday shampoo routine and drying my hair when I noticed that wow! my hair is longer now. Omg! I totally did not expect that at all. After a full 1-month program I saw almost a 1 – 1 and half inch growth in my hair. But there isn’t much growth thickness wise or in the volume of my hair, wish it did that too though. I find my tresses much healthier and grown up in just a month’s program.
Overall, I’m totally impressed with THE one month program of this Cocoa Locks and I’d definitely love to continue drinking it to see further changes. It really made my hair grow in length and improved its condition. Although I haven’t noticed any improvement in the volume or density of my hair, I guess prolonged use of this program will definitely bring out changes. And moreover Cocoa Locks is completely vegetarian and gluten-free drink. I’d recommend it to people who’s looking forward to grow your hair.

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