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I have a thing for brow products, but I’m not a brow pomade kind of a person. I’m like obsessed with brow pencils. They’re so easy-peasy to use on the go. And I love to fill in my brows even when I’m on a no-makeup makeup look. I feel that it just gives definition to the face. And recently L’Oreal Paris has launched its new BROW ARTIST BROW POMADE in India in 2 different shades for Indian skin tones. So I thought it’s high time I invest in a good brow pomade which is convenient for beginners and I picked a shade. In this post, I’ll be reviewing about this new brow pomade in town and how it performed.  

Loreal Brow Artist Brow Pomade review

Build perfectly defined brows with L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Pomade for a natural or bold look. Create, define and fill your brows with this highly-pigmented, matte formula that glides on smoothly. The ultra-precise slanted brush allows you to easily create the brows of your dreams! Its longwear formula resists smudging and fading.

  • Buildable look, from natural to bold.
  • Longwear formula that resists smudging and fading.
  • Built-in slanted brush for an easy, precise application.

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PRICE : INR 799/-for a 3g product.

AVAILABILITY :  The L’Oreal BROW ARTIST BROW POMADE is available on Nykaa. I haven’t seen them in stores yet, but I’m sure these will be available at all L’Oreal stores.


  • 104 Brunette
  • 106 Ebony

I picked the shade – 106 Ebony. If you have dark colored brows then this should be your pick. And Brunette is for light-medium brown colored brows.

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  • Dip the built-in slanted brush into the Pomade and wipe off any excess.
  • Outline and fill you brows, building up to achieve your desired look.
  • Brush through with a clean spoolie brush to blend.

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Packaging, the L’OREAL PARIS BROW ARTIST BROW POMADE comes in a cute clear tub with a long silver screw cap. And I’m glad that it comes with it’s own brush applicator. The cap includes the brush, which is so great for application. It’s not that great for travelling with it on daily basis, as this doesn’t fit in all wallets/purses. It might be  convenient for throwing in handbags. And if you’re going on a vacation then this is a good option to throw in your makeup pouch. This long brow product stands good on the makeup desk as well. For people who’ve problem with the small brush, there’s a option to fit the brush to the cap for a good support in drawing precise lines for the beginners.

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Ebony is an ash brown color – like a dark greyish brown shade. I do have dark brows so this shade will go well on my brows. And I love darker brows, so I’m very much particular in picking a shade darker than my usual brow hair color. I really love its ergonomic packaging. The brush applicator is very easy and convenient for smooth and precise application. And the brush is a perfect size, very thin for drawing the brow hairs and filling it.

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The pomade is a wax based(kind of) and I don’t see any creaminess while application. That being said, it is very easy to apply without any tugging. It glides on pretty easily and the brush gives a neat and precise application. It just gives a very natural looking brows – but a much defined and much fuller ones. Talking about the pigmentation, I’d say it gives about 70-80% coverage which can be build-able to a full. And it hardly takes a minute to set to a super matte finish and it is completely smudge-proof. It doesn’t move or budge anywhere whatsoever and it is completely water-proof as well. I do feel that the pomade goes a little crumbly while application (lemme know if anyone else experienced the same), which can be brushed away and smoothened with a spoolie brush. I totally love the way it makes my brows look so much fuller and fluffier.

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Here’s a little before & after pics. You can go from a very light hand to super intense instagram kinda brows as well.

I don’t say it stays on for a full whole day, but it pretty much stays for good 8-10 hours or even more. And what I found is that the pomade fades a little after 5 hours or so, but that doesn’t get anywhere on the skin around which is pretty good thing that you don’t need to clean up the mess. I’m totally okay with that though. It only fades, but does not transfer at all.

Overall, I’m very much impressed with the new L’OREAL PARIS BROW ARTIST BROW POMADE. Love the way it fills my brows and makes them look natural and much fuller. Also love the fact that it stays on for a good whole day, smudge-proof and transfer-proof. The only disappointment would be its shade range. With just 2 shades available in India, I don’t think L’Oreal will cater everybody’s needs. But I’m glad that Ebony shade does suit me well. If you’re looking for a good quality brow pomade, then you should give this one a try. I’d definitely recommend this to everyone.



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