With so many new makeup brands coming up everyday, and so many new launches happening every week, it is 200% the toughest job to control the yearning for such drooling makeup products. Every makeup enthusiast goes through this struggle. But at the same time it is not easy to order your favorite makeup and pay double the amount on customs/duties in India. This is the whole and sole reason, I would never ever take any risk in placing orders myself. That’s when Instagram Stores come to our rescue. There are quite a few genuine Instagram sellers that I could blindly trust them and place my orders with. And with so many Insta stores open widely, questions keep pouring in about its authenticity and feedbacks. I’ve already mentioned about some of the trusted Instagram Stores in my previous post –ย TOP 10 INSTAGRAM PAGES WHO SELL AUTHENTIC INTERNATIONALย  MAKEUP and thanks to everyone for the huge response for it. Since many of the pages mentioned previously have either stopped their business or changed their page names, I decided to do a brief post on the revised list.

Here are some of the Instagram Pages and sellers who sell the authentic international makeup, making our lives easy. The numbers goes on just randomly and also I personally had bought few from these pages and had a great experience shopping with them. I’m just placing the direct links here so that it’d really be easy and comfortable to you guys.
























So here’s the complete list. Quite a few pages are active almost all the time and are kind enough to answer your queries. And most pages keep a track on the new and yet to launch makeup products so you guys can pre-order yourself.8085251

And most importantly, before placing your orders make sure to take some time and do some research about the store and the seller, and ask all your queriesย regarding the product- i.e. its authenticity, price details, ย shipping details etc, and then only proceed with the rest of the process. After all, it’s your hard earned money, and you don’t want to invest in fraud/fake makeup.

*Disclaimer : I’m no way forcing you to blindly trust on the above mentioned pages. The above mentioned pages are the ones I found genuine and affordable, and most people already bought from them and do recommend them, and are also based on the client diaries/customer feedbacks. I personally shopped from a few pages and I absolutely had no problems/issues with anyone.

I hope this brief post helps you! And a happy shopping!!



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  1. I have bought from few of them naming them klosmic, beautylounge, beauty nation, international makeup. And some few…more. there is this site beautytales. I am having some issues myself and seems others have it too from their reviews. Will keep u posted. Only advice is please read customer reviews prior to any transaction.

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