Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks

I know, I’m so late. I’ve been planning to put up this blog post since a long time, but right then Nykaa just launched its new shades of the Matte To Last Liquid Lipsticks. I was glad that I got invited to the Nykaa store when it initially launched the Matte To Last Liquid Lipsticks, and them giving their best seller liquid lipsticks as goodies. If you’ve been following me on Instagram(@shailaja_l), you’d already known this – I did a full tour on the recently opened Hyderabad store as well as swatched these lippies. And recently when they came up with the new shades, I thought I’ll make use of an awesome deal from their app, and get myself some new shades. So here I am, with a total of 8 shades of the Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipsticks, which I’ll be reviewing in this post.

Now, all things apart, hands down to Nykaa. Nykaa would be probably the first ever to come up with such Indian inspired – I mean I’ve never heard of any other brand do such. Like naming each lipstick inspired from each state on India. That is so awesome!

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks 1

Presenting you the ultimate power pout – Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick! A formula that is so life-proof, that it is not going anywhere until you decide to take it off! This lipstick gives you an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy glide. Ultra-lightweight and non-drying texture enriched with Vitamin E gives a boost of anti-oxidants to keep your lips supple and soft. We promise this matte liquid lipstick is everything that you’ve ever wished for!

Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick Collection is an ode to each one of the gorgeous women. Each shade of this collection is chosen by you and embodies the persona of each place. Every shade captures the essence of the place and women like you, who make it even more beautiful! Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick collection is Nykaa’s passion project. Deeply inspired by India and crafted in Italy. 

Why you should make it yours:

  • Superior Matte All-day Wear Formula
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and Anti-oxidants
  • Kiss-proof, feather-proof and transfer-proof wear
  • Made in Europe

PRICE : INR 550/- for a 5ml product.

If anyone noticed, why is there a difference of 0.5ml in some of the shades.? Few shades had 4.5ml product and few had 5ml product. Why Nykaa??

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks 2

AVAILABILITY : The Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipsticks are available on Nykaa website, or you can find them at the Nykaa stores in your locality.

SHADES : The Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipsticks come in a wide range of 18 beautiful shades, each of them dedicated to and inspired from each state in India.

I initially received 4 shades – BOMBAE, KUDI, IT GIRL and GUWAHOTTIE, when I was invited to their store. And recently I added the new shades – GUL, BOHO, CHAI and MADRAS KAAPI(from the initial release tho).

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks 3

Packaging, now if you’ve heard about or used the Stay Quirky Liquid Lipsticks ever, you’d probably get confused by the packaging of both of them, because these lipsticks  have the exact same kinda packaging. I’m just talking about the lipstick tube. But the outer packaging is simply so awesome. It comes in a beautiful box on which we’ve the respective state/city recognized monument or a place embossed on it, and all the description of the product mentioned at the back of the case. The outer packaging had really got me intrigued to these. Now this kind of box casing really reminds me of the Huda Beauty one – kind of similar idea right? I really admire the box though, which is the only reason I still have them safely and I’m not throwing them away. The lipstick has got a slanted leaf-tip wand applicator, which is actually great for that clean crisp edges at the corners of the lips. Overall, a decent travel-friendly teeny sized lipstick with good packaging.

And as said, some lipsticks do have 4.5ml product and few have 5ml of lipstick. I don’t get the logic behind this.

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks 4

  • BOM-BAE : is a peachy nude. A perfect nude for daily looks. It would suit all fair-medium skin tones. Might look washed out on deeper skin tones. This is like a perfect nude on me, luckily it did not wash me out.
  • KUDI : is the brightest fuschia pink kinda shade. On days when you’re bored of nudes, this one will brighten up your day. This shade will go good all all skin tones.
  • GUWA-HOTTIE : is a beautiful burnt orange shade. A shade that flatters all skin tones on all occasions. This is the first shade that I tried on my lips in the store and wore for around 2-3 hours in the store alone and fell in love with.
  • IT-GIRL : is a mauvey plum shade. It is definitely that IT girl shade, who don’t wear a lot of makeup but flaunts only her lipstick. Again goes well on all skin tones. This shade does have less pigmentation and applies bit patchy on dark pigmented lips, and that’s pretty disappointing.
  • MADRAS KAAPI : is a medium brownie kinda shade. It flatters on fair-medium skin tones but on deeper skin tones it doesn’t do well. This is a brown nude for me.
  • GUL : is a soft pink shade. Might wash out deeper skin tones, but most suited for fair-medium skin tones. A beautiful shade that I can flaunt. Sometimes I do need a dark lipliner to wear this shade, not because it looks lighter but when I’m tanned this shade looks paler on me.
  • BOHO : is a deep mauvey  pink shade. And the most beautiful everyday kinda shade. Suits all skin tones, especially medium-deep skin skin toned girls will love this shade. A personal favorite of mine. I could wear this shade all day all night.
  • CHAI : is a deep brown kinda shade. Beautiful brownie shade that flatters on  all skin tones. True to its name, a deep dark brown shade that goes well with subtle eye look. Another favorite of mine.

Talking about THE lipsticks now, these have a moussey texture which glides so smoothly on the lips. A good lip prep is obviously necessary prior any liquid lipstick application.  The formulation of all the lipsticks is not the same. I found a few of them have a bit liquid-y(very thin) consistency and few had good creamy consistency. The lipsticks give a good pigmentation – about 70-80% pigmentation in the first swipe itself. It is definitely a buildable one, so you can go ahead with a second coat for a fully opaque finish. These take a while to dry down, or if you’re in a hurry I’d suggest to just keep pressing your lips together so that they dry down quick, but don’t press down so hard that they get blotchy.

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks 5

These lipsticks actually give the best when applied in one single thin layer. It’d be most comfortable that way and it does not crumble at all. These do dry out the lips a bit. These lipsticks are pretty transfer-proof, but not smudge-proof. These do a tiny bit onto mugs or spoons while drinking/eating. And if you try to smear the lipstick, these do smudge.

There lipsticks do last for 4-5 hours or even more if you’re not gonna eat anything. They can withstand light meals and any drinks, but with any oily/greasy foods, these lipsticks come off right from the center of the lips. The dark and bold shades do leave a slight tint behind on the lips.

In natural daylight Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks 6

In sunlight Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks 7

Overall, if you are looking for some comfortable soft matte kinda liquid lipsticks, then these Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks will be your pick. I think their price point is okay for that quantity. With an easy-peasy packaging, affordable pricing and non drying formula, you can give these a try. I’d recommend you pick shades that you’re most comfortable in and try them rather than experimenting on totally new shades so you won’t get disappointed with them at the first go. These are definitely not those ‘Love at first application’ type of lippies but they do give lips a very light weight effect.

Did you try these Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks??? Which is your favorite shade? Lemme know……….


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