Ever since K-Beauty skincare came into limelight, the concept of Peeling Pads have become popular and one of the essential skincare step. I’ve only known just 3-4 brands (even till date) that produce the Peeling pads. And when brands like Elizavecca sent me this giant tub of goodness, I was the most curious to try them on my skin. I’ve always loved Elizavecca’s products, their Carbonated Bubble mask, Hell Pore Control Hylauronic Acid 97% and lot more on my list. In this post, I’ll be sharing my experience about this chemical exfoliator – ELIZAVECCA MILKY PIGGY HELL-PORE PERFECT WINE SPARKLING PEELING PADS. Get yourself some coffee or some munchies before you scroll down.


Even after cleansing, if you are worried about remaining sebum left behind on your nose and chin, wipe it with Hell pore Perfect Wine Sparkling Peeling Pad. Elizavecca Hell-Pore Perfect Wine Sparkling Peeling Pads are designed for effective cleansing of the skin: from contaminants, dead cells, black spots, excess skin sebum. Peeling pads gently polish the skin, making it smooth and clean! Salicylic acid in the composition cleans and narrows the pores, moisturizing components – regulate the Hydrolysed balance, preventing dehydration. Regular use of these pads will smooth the skin’s texture, providing a smooth canvas for flawless makeup application. Effectively exfoliate, tone, and brighten all skin types, including sensitive. 


Equipment : 30 peeling pads (200ml/6.76 fl. oz). And few of them do receive a tweezer for hyegenic purpose, but I haven’t received any. So that’s totally optional I guess.

Price of this ELIZAVECCA MILKY PIGGY HELL-PORE PERFECT WINE SPARKLING PEELING PADS totally depends and varies from which website and where you buy.


Peeling Pads have two patterned sides –

  • Flat pad side: Gently cleanses
  • Embossed pad side : Dullness and uneven skintone care

How to use –

  • Fit the Flat pad with your finger facing down, i.e use the flat side first for gently cleansing the skin(entire face & neck).
  • Now flip the fingers and use the embossed side to exfoliate. Gently wipe in circular motions and in upward direction to get rid off the skin debris.
  • Rinse with cold water.

Suitable for daily use – once a day or every other day. Peeling pads can be used not only on the face skin, but also on any other part of the body that requires cleansing and exfoliation. Avoid contact with eyes.


The main active ingredients :  

  • Salicylic acid acts in the sebaceous ducts, dissolving the bonds between the dead cells of the epidemic and strengthening their exfoliation. Removes inflammation, has keratolytic  properties. Excellent disinfecting, contributing to the treatment of acne. Accelerates cell renewal. Dries out inflammation, relieves redness.
  • The wine extract is famous for its anti-aging effect, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it is effective in treating couperose, tones up, promotes cell renewal and skin saturation with vitamins, heals and regenerates, tones up.
  • Extract of badin contains valuable essential oil, which has rejuvenating, nutritious, moisturizing and wound-healing effect, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
  • Allantoin softens, intensively moisturizes the skin, helps to narrow the pores and normalize the production of sebum, has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritated skin.
  • Panthenol stimulates the restoration of the integrity of the skin, removes redness and irritation, and has wound-healing properties.
  • Hyaluronic acid provides long-term and high-intensity moisturizing of the skin, protects against dehydration and formation of premature wrinkles, stimulates cellular renewal, heals wounds and cracks.


The pads come in a giant plastic tub which are being soaked in a reddish pink almost wine-looking solution. The tub packaging is pretty simple and has an extra leak-proof seal for the essence to not spill out. The outer packaging is actually the cutest ever – has the serious-looking piggy cartoons and the little blackheads running away – so very much intriguing. The box has every detail and description about the product and instructions on how to use it(but doesn’t give a full elaborate version, which is actually necessary).


Right when the tub is opened, all I smell is a pleasant fragrance of that wine. It’s not very over-powering, rather it is very mild and pleasant. The tub contains 30 round and double sided pads, which are thoroughly soaked in the wine solution. I feel these chemical peeling pads are so easy-to-use  and so much mess-free than the natural/physical scrubs. All you need to do is give some extra TLC to your skin scrubbing away the debris on the top layer to reveal the fresh and radiant skin. These pads are so skin-friendly and did not irritate or harm my skin.


Now, onto ‘How do I Use them?’ part, I usually scrub/use any peeling solutions every alternative day, or probably twice a week. Nothing more than that so I don’t overdo and peel off my natural skin oils that protect my skin. So, I slip my fingers into the pad with the flat-side facing up and give a second gentle cleanse on my already cleansed face. I cleanse for about a minute or so, and flip my fingers to the other side of the pad so that the embossed-side is up now and exfoliate gently(or maybe with some pressure- after all it’s just a regular cotton pad) massaging in circular and upward motions. And this continues for another 2-3 minutes, after which I rinse off my face with cold water and pat dry. It’s that simple! There is a lot of essence on each and every pad, so you’d definitely need a good 5 minute time to make it work and let the wine solution completely soak, you(okay- I) don’t want to waste the precious solution here. There’ll still be some solution left, so I use it on my elbows.


How did it fare on my skin? – With every use I only notice my skin getting super smooth and soft. I totally love how it scrubs away all the debris and makes my skin super supple and plump without any dry feeling. It’ll leave the skin squeaky clean and brings out a healthy glow to the skin. And also it preps the skin for the next skincare steps. (Does this not collect the gunk/peel like with those when using peeling gels? I’m confused) I am quite used to such chemical peel solutions, so I did not find any residue left on the peeling pad after the exfoliation. But if you’re someone who’s new to these chemical peels and all, you’ll find all the gunk from the face come off right after the process. These peeling pads can be used daily for mild exfoliation and a constant prolonged usage can definitely give best results. I kind of switch my exfoliators every other day, but still I love how it performs on my skin. With almost 20-22 pads used up, I could say my skin texture had become so soft and my pores look much smaller. I cannot give the whole credit to these Peeling pads, but ever since I switched to Korean Skincare routine, my skin has completely changed and yes! this chemical peel also helped in it.


Overall, the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell Pore Perfect Sparkling Wine Peeling Pads are a mild way of exfoliators which reveal the beautiful, radiant and super supple skin hidden under. It is suitable for every skin type. Being  very mild, it does work on sensitive skin as well. The only caution needed to be taken is that do not use these pads on open wounds and active cystic acne. Other than that, these peeling pads are one of the the best Wine Peeling Pads in the market.

Did you try these Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell Pore Perfect Sparkling Wine Peeling Pads??


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