Plum has recently launched it new haircare line and they’ve come up with shampoos, conditioners and hair masks for dry and damaged hair and also for dandruff prone hair. Trust me, I was excited when they launched but never cared to invest in them as the pricing was a tad high than the regular shampoos and conditioners. But somewhere the blogger inside me wanted to try these out, and I opted the OLIVE OIL AND MACADAMIA 3-in-1 Bundle for Dry and Damaged Hair, yes exactly for my dry and damaged hair. And Plum did launch these right when I was in search for a good Paraben-free and SLS-free haircare stuff, and I thought why not give these a try. And OMG! right from the first use I’ve only and only loved these combination and yass, my decision was so right. So, without any further ado, I’ll share my experience on how this bundle performed on my hair. 

But before that let’s get to know what actually this bundle is and what the products claim.

Three products, One goal : HAPPY HAIR! The Olive & Macadamia range is loaded with olive oil, macadamia oil, vege-keratin and UV shield – all formulated to get happiness back to dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Experience the “good science” in this trio of shampoo, conditioner and hair mask (all sulphate-free and silicone-free) – a complete wash-care kit. 

Good science for happy hair! Plum hair care is free of:

  1. Sulphates – so the cleansing is gentle.
  2. Silicones – to allow hair to shine at its natural best
  3. Alcohol – so there’s no drying
  4. Parabens – we all know why!
  5. Phthalates – potential reproductive toxins
  6. Zinc – prolonged use of ZPT can irritate the scalp
  7. Propylene Glycol – can be harsh to skin over the long term

Besides being 100% vegan and cruelty-free, as always!

What’s in the Bundle :


PRICE : The entire 3-in-1 bundle comes for a special combo price of INR 1700/-. Or you can opt to buy them individually as per your choice, which would cost upto INR 2,225/-. Combos would be obviously a great deal to pick.

AVAILABILITY : This Plum Olive Oil and Macadamia 3-in-1 Bundle for Dry and Damaged hair is available at or at Nykaa.

The Plum Olive Oil and Macadamia range comes in a white and olive green theme. We get white bottles with a black lid/pump dispenser, and has this plum in olive green color. The hair mask comes in a pretty tub with a screw lid, which has the same theme on it as well. Very neat, decent and quality packaging I must say. Everything about the product and the ingredients list is mentioned on the back of the bottles.

Olive Oil and Macadamia Healthy Hydration Shampoo


Happy hair days! Finally, a sulphate-free formula that is gentle, lathers up nicely, and leaves hair feeling soft, and scalp hydrated. This nourishing hair cleanser is perfectly suited for all hair types, including chemically-treated or damaged hair. Say hello to healthy hydration with olive oil, macadamia oil, plant-derived keratin and a new-generation UV shield that protects your hair colour. Feel your hair get back on its feet and back to life

♥ Ultra-mild, sulphate-free cleansing system
♥ Leaves hair feeling clean, soft and cared-for
♥ Olive oil for scalp nourishment
♥ Macadamia oil to help tame hair frizz
♥ Plant-derived keratin to strengthen hair strands
♥ UV-shield to protect hair colour
♥ Lathers nicely, but does not dry hair or scalp


My Experience : This Healthy Hydration shampoo is a olive green colored gel-based shampoo. And smells amazingly, obviously the same as its named – olive oil and macadamia oil. The fragrance really lingers for a long time after the wash. I pump out a generous amount of shampoo to dilute in some water, and start massaging the scalp first and then move to my lengths. Being a sulphate-free shampoo, it does not lather much. I keep adding water at intervals so that this shampoo lathers just like any other normal shampoo. I usually keep the shampoo lather for an extra two minutes for it to do its work, and then rinse off the shampoo. With every wash, I really do feel my hair getting a good cleanse. If you’re used to sulphates and silicones in your hair products, it will definitely take a few uses with these SLS-free formulas for the hair to adapt to this new regime. This shampoo doesn’t dry out my hair at all whenever I oil my hair before the wash. But if I don’t oil my hair before shampooing, I do feel it a bit drying. So I make sure to oil my hair whenever I’m shampooing with this. I’ve used this shampoo quite a few times now and I didn’t find it effective on dandruff still, it does not work on getting rid off the dandruff or curing split ends and stuff. Maybe a prolonged use might show any difference. I do use heavy oils for my dry hair, and this shampoo cleanses it out thoroughly in 1-2 washes max. You just need to know the trick how to use these sulphate free shampoos. I have the driest/frizziest hair, and I like the way this shampoo really cleanses the hair nourishing it without drying. I’ve used many SLS-free shampoos from many other brands before but most of them were too drying on my hair. I’m quite impressed with this shampoo now.

Olive Oil and Macadamia Rich Nourish Conditioner


Tender, loving care for your hair! Show some tender, loving care for chemically treated hair. Loaded with Shea butter, olive fractions rich in Squalene, plus macadamia oil and Vege-keratin, this 100% silicone-free conditioner helps soften, detangle, smoothen and protect hair, while giving it a healthy, natural shine.

♥ Silicone-free conditioning system especially designed for damaged and chemically-treated hair
♥ Silky, smooth wet combing and volumized feel after drying
♥ Olive-based natural conditioner (in place of silicone) keeps hair soft, healthy and shiny, without the side effects of silicones
♥ Macadamia oil to help tame hair frizz
♥ Plant-derived keratin to strengthen hair strands
♥ UV-shield to protect hair colour
♥ Does not leave uncomfortable residue on hair


My Experience : One of the most neglected hair care essential, I feel. I mean, I am not that of a conditioning person. But lately, since my hair is more prone to damage, I started making conditioner as a must in my hair care routine. This Rich Nourish Conditioner is a pale green colored creamy conditioner and has a similar fragrance to that of the shampoo. I squeeze out a palm-full of the conditioner and apply it along the lengths of my hair mostly avoiding the scalp, of course after squeezing out the extra water from the shampoo rinse. I tie my hair up and let the conditioner do its work, I mean I leave it for a good 5-10 minutes. Although it is directed to leave for 3 minutes and more, I like to leave for more time. Meanwhile I finish doing other things. After that good soak, I rinse out the conditioner with cold water. And I really felt the conditioner wash out well without leaving that silicon-y feel, also takes less water to rinse out the conditioner. I have dry, wavy and frizzy hair and I absolutely love how this conditioner has made my hair nourished and gave moisture to it, and has reduced frizz. My waves look smoother and much more manageable after towel drying my hair. I could feel the difference right from the first wash itself.

Olive & Macadamia Mega Moisturizing Hair Mask


I care for you, deeply! A treat, and not just a deep conditioning treatment, for your hair. Deep moisturizing, nourishing hair mask made with love from olive oil, macadamia oil, shea butter and loads of other do-gooders for stressed out tresses. Specially processed pro-vitamin B5 and film-forming hair protectants shield hair from pollution and UV. This silicone-free hair mask moisturizes, softens and deep-nourishes chemically-treated, damaged hair. Use once or twice a week for hair that looks, and indeed is, healthier, softer and shinier.

♥ Deeply hydrating hair mask for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair
♥ Rich in shea butter that provides lasting hydration for scalp and hair
♥ Hair softening olive derivatives in place of silicones, for smoother, shinier hair without product buildup
♥ Frizz-taming macadamia oil
♥ Botanically derived (tung wood and rapeseed oil) film formers to protect hair from pollution
♥ UV-shield to protect hair colour
♥ Specially processed pro-Vitamin B5 for shiny, soft feel
♥ Plant-derived keratin protects damaged hair
♥ Reduces hair damage while it’s wet and provides long-lasting relief from dryness
♥ Formulated for reduced product build-up on hair, for lighter, healthier hair

My Experience : The Mega Moisturizing Hair Mask is a thick cream-based white colored hair mask. It comes in a big (250g) tub, not so huge though(as I expected for that price tag). Plum directs to use this hair mask on wet shampoo-conditioned hair. Taking required amount of mask into the palms, apply it generously to hair, focusing more on the ends. They also recommend to apply to as many individual strands as possible(the salon style masking). And this mask is supposed to be left on for at least 20 minutes, or probably more if you have time for a good hair spa. Finally, rinse it off using cold water and towel dry the hair. The first time I used this hair mask I followed just as the brand directed, and the results were great. My hair was so soft, so smooth and tangle-free and bouncy infact. I never felt my hair being healthily smooth and nourished in the recent times. And when the second time I used, I skipped the conditioner and tried the mask right after shampooing. It felt just as if I used the conditioner itself, nothing special. And that’s where I realized this hair mask gives out its max when used on shampoo-conditioned hair. It also claims to work on colored hair, giving the shine back and making it look full of life. I’ve stopped coloring my hair, but even on my natural tresses I could feel the difference, soft and bouncy tresses. It is supposed to be used on wet hair, so a little goes a long way. Whenever my hair feels lifeless, I try to use this mask. It feels difficult to actually let it sit for that 20 minutes, should be figuring out any other technique to use it as quick fix. I don’t give it an ‘excellent’ tag, but it is definitely a good hair mask that nourishes and adds moisture and gives bounce to dull, frizzy hair.


Overall, unexpectedly impressed with this Plum Olive Oil and Macadamia 3-in-1 Bundle for Dry and Damaged hair. Totally in love with just the shampoo-conditioner combo which makes my hair look fresh for two days. And whenever I feel my hair needs some extra TLC, I take some time and get indulged in this whole hair spa. I’m totally in love with this new hair care. My hair feels well nourished and smooth even though I don’t use any extra serums after my wash. If you’re someone who loves to try out natural vegan-friendly and SLS-free, Paraben-free hair care, you gotta give these a try. I’d definitely recommend them to everybody. And don’t expect these to work on dandruff, split ends and other hair issues – no, these do not cure any of the hair problems. You need to know that shampoos and conditioners are only meant for cleansing the hair and bringing/giving back moisture to the hair shaft(respectively).

So now what should we expect next from Plum? – I’m expecting some serums or leave-in sprays. What say PLUM Goodness??

Did you try this new hair care range from Plum Goodness? Which is your favorite product from Plum? Lemme know…………


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