I had these for the longest time, and I think it’s high time I give my thoughts on these Indulgeo Essentials skincare that I purchased long ago. It was that time when 24K Gold oils were talked about and raved everywhere. I mean these oils are still a craze, no doubt about that. I hauled a little from Indulgeo Essentials and picked their best seller 24K Rose Gold Oil and the Rejuvenating Eye Serum, which were most essential in my skincare. In this post, I’ll be talking about these beauties.

I shopped everything from Indulgeo Essentials website, and my haul came in this really pretty pink box. Packaging and shipping was totally great, no hassles at all. I really love their packaging to be frank. And inside are my two products.

  • Indulgeo Essentials Rose Gold Oil (15ml) – INR 1280/-
  • Indulgeo Essentials Rejuvenating Eye serum (15ml) – INR 500/-


WHAT IS IT? With pure 24K Gold flakes, the Rose Gold Daily Oil is the archetype of organic luxury. These gold flakes absorb right into your skin, leaving your skin glowing, and also assists in boosting natural radiance.
This is an effective ultra-lightweight moisturizer with added anti- aging benefits for all skin types and feels like pure luxury on the skin. The Rose Gold Daily Oil has ample uses, from using it as a daily moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated to using it as a primer to prep your skin for makeup. The base of this oil is Pumpkin Seed Oil which is mixed with other essential oils. Pumpkin seed has been found to regenerate tissue and reduces the appearance of fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and thus helps in retaining moisture, fighting free radicals and maintaining a youthful appearance. Zinc and Vitamin C help firm and tighten the skin.This oil is suitable for oily skin as well because of its unique formula and is also antioxidant-rich. The Rose Gold Daily Oil is prepared with motherโ€™s love and is 100% pure, natural, and free of any synthetics, fillers, or fragrance.

WHAT’S IN IT? 24k Gold Flakes, Pumpkin seed oil, Rosehip Seed oil(Rosa moschata) ,Vitamin-E oil, Orange peel oil(Citrus sinensis) , Patchouli oil , Lemongrass oil(Cymbopogon)

WHO CAN USE IT? All skin types, except sensitive skin. Do a patch test before use.

HOW TO USE? Shake well before use. Apply to face and neck for a radiant glow.Caution : Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes.

Packaging, the Rose Gold Oil comes in a really petite dark gray colored carton box with pink fonts beautifully printed. It has all the details about the product mentioned on it. The oil comes in a kind of luxe looking dark blue glass bottle with a dropper. I’m glad that they’ve taken the utmost care in bottling it in a dark glass bottle, as essential oils are supposed to be store in dark and glass bottles. The bottle is very classic, not flimsy at all and very travel-friendly as well. The Rose Gold Oil comes in 2 sizes, a 15ml bottle and a 30ml one. I picked the 15ml bottle, to make sure I go with little first.

The oil is a clear oil with tons of gold flakes infused in it. I like the way how evenly the gold flakes are in the oil. This oil has a classic citrus-ey fragrance, a little over-powering for sensitive noses though, but it is very calming and soothing to me. The oil is very lightweight and quickly gets absorbed into the skin leaving a dewy glow to the skin. The gold flakes totally melt in the skin as you massage the oil. It hydrates the skin well and does not feel greasy or oily at all. You can multi-use this oil – as skincare, as a primer under your makeup, as mixing medium, as lip serum. I mostly used in my day and night routines, as my serum. For my combination skin, I only require 4-5 drops for my entire face. Pumpkin seed oil being the hero ingredient, improves skin tone and promotes skin renewal, and 24K gold flakes increases blood circulation and skin elasticity. For the brand claims, I cannot talk much about the fine lines reduction, but yes it definitely improves the skin texture and brings a healthy glow to the skin. This little bottle itself seems to be on the expensive side, but to me it was worth. Moreover, this oil did not break me out or irritate my skin at all.


WHAT IS IT? Say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles with Indulgeo Essentials Rejuvenating and Firming Eye Serum. This aqua rich revitalising serum is enriched with virgin cold pressed oils, Herbal blends & innovative molecules! Helps to reduce fine-lines, puffiness, discolouration and enhances firmness around the eyes. This serum grows ultra-lush length of your lashes, its nourishing ingredients also shield your lashes from external irritants to keep them from breaking.

WHAT’S IN IT? Castor oil (Ricinus communis), Hemp seed oil , Flaxseed oil (Linum usitatissimum), Vitamin โ€“ E oil , Grapeseed oil (Vitis vinifera), Rose bush Oil, Persea americana oil (avocado)

WHO CAN USE IT? All skin types.

HOW TO USE IT? Shake well before use. Apply around eyes and softly massage your lash line before going to bed for best results. Caution : Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Packaging, this Rejuvenating Eye serum comes in a pastel purple colored outer box, with everything about the product on the box itself. This serum also comes in a dark blue colored glass bottle which has a dropper applicator. This serum is also a 15ml product, which is the standard size you get. It is quite travel-friendly too, if you don’t mind carrying glass bottles with you.

Although it’s named as a serum, this is a oil. A pure concoction of under eye beneficial oils. The oil has a clear, quite runny texture to it. I don’t say this oil is lightweight, it is somewhere in the medium. It does have Castor oil, Flaxseed and Vitamin E oils which intensely moisturize the under eyes and keep it hydrated all day. This oil is great for people who suffer from dry under eyes. A drop on each eye is enough to massage/tap the product in, and rub the leftover product on the brows. And guess what? They even help in growing out your lashes (and brows, if you apply on them too). Stress, sleep deprivation and ageing can be the main reasons for dark circles and dull skin around the eyes. The eye area requires extra special care and if you think chemical-made products are not your thing, then I’d definitely recommend you try this natural blend. I did use this oil religiously daily, sometimes once and sometimes twice a day, and I’ve seen a great result in my dark circles. My dark circles and puffiness have reduced to great extend, and a slight reduction in the wrinkles can also be noticed. I totally loved this eye serum.

Overall, if you’re someone who’s into natural based products, then you should try these Indulgeo Essentials skincare. They’ve a ton of other skincare catering every skin type and every skin need. If you ask me, what’s the best thing to get from Indulgeo Essentials – I’d suggest the Travel Edition Box, which is a set of mini versions of all the oils and sorts your entire skincare regime. I’d suggest people who’re allergic to essential oils and cold pressed oils to stay away from these. And people with sensitive skin, please do a patch test before trying such oil blends; you never know what goes bad.

Buy Indulgeo Essentials Rose Gold Oil HERE

Buy Indulgeo Essentials Rejuvenating Eye Serum HERE

Did you try the Indulgeo Essentials skincare products??

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