Marico Ltd. forays into premium skin care with, Kaya Youth – a skin care range with products that contain a micro-circulation complex that enhances Oxygen in the skin. They have come up with a whole new range of skincare products, Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion range, which cater our daily essentials. Feel the youthful glow of your 20s. Oxygen is imperative for life itself, but a lesser known fact is its implication and importance for facial skin. With time, Oxygen levels in your skin drops significantly and skin becomes dull, patchy, and uneven and develops dark spots. Itโ€™s like your daily dose of #SkinPranayam. The whole concept of Kaya Youth is to boost Oxygen to the skin for a glowing and youthful you.

The Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion line has a full range of –

  • Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face wash BUY HERE
  • Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Day Cream BUY HERE
  • Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Micellar Water BUY HERE
  • Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face wipes BUY HERE

I liked the way Kaya Youth has designed the page links, where it takes you to the respective Nykaa or Amazon pages to shop the product. I’ve given the links of the official website; and I’ll also give links to Nykaa and Amazon website at the end of the post.

I have been using these products for quite some time now, especially the Face wash and the Day cream, and here’s what I think about all of them.


With time, the supply of oxygen to your skin cells drops by almost 25%. Dullness and dark patches are often the first few symptoms of it. Your skin needs more than the everyday face wash, it needs a boost of oxygen to stay youthful & glowing. Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion face wash is like a Pranayam for your skin; a one of a kind facial cleanser which has a micro-circulation complex that enhances oxygen supply to your skin cells to give youthful glowing skin.
The face wash is both effective and easy on the skin. The gentle formulation makes it suitable for all skin types.
The micro-circulation complex helps reduce dullness, dark spots, dry and patchy skin, leaving your skin youthful.

The face wash has a white creamy texture. The face wash foams up pretty well and is very mild and gentle on the skin. It has a fresh floral fragrance to it, and it removes the dirt and oil from the skin well. This is a 50g tube and great that it is very very affordable (Rs.99/-). This tube lasts for a month or two if used regularly. I started using it in my day and night routines from a couple of weeks now and this face wash does not dry out my skin, and I’ve personally experienced no skin troubles using it.


The Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Day Cream contains a micro-circulation complex that enhances oxygen supply to skin cells, helping it reduce dullness and bringing back a youthful glow. The SPF 15 in the cream keeps your skin protected from the harsh sun, while the gentle formulation makes it suitable for all skin types.

This day cream has a thick creamy texture which feels light on the skin. I’m glad it did not have any greasy or tacky feeling, and it quickly absorbed into the skin. The SPF factor is great for the skin to prevent any sun damage. And I think it is due to the SPF that this cream leaves a light white cast on the skin. Just one pump is enough to cover the entire face, which is great. If you apply more, you’re more likely to look like a clown. I have been using this day cream for two weeks now, and I feel it gives a healthy look to my face. I’ve got a 20g tube which would hardly last long for me, but I’d like to complete it anyhow. The moisturization is okay for me, for this really hot summery weather. During cold climates I think this will be too light, and need to be topped up with heavy moisturizer. The same with dry skin girls, you need to top up your moisture game as this will be light for you. Being light and non-oily on the skin this cream will definitely work good on all skin types.


For youthful glowing skin, you need gentle & effective care every day. But, every time you remove makeup, the chemicals take a toll on your skin, stripping it of moisture and glow. Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Micellar Water is like a Pranayam for your skin and offers more than just swift make-up removal at the end of the day. Use it as a gentle cleanser or as a makeup remover; it contains tiny micelles that draw out dirt & makeup, without drying your skin, leaving your skin squeaky clean, well hydrated & with a refreshed glow. Every time you take off make up, chemicals can strip your skin of moisture and glow. Kaya Youth Oxy-infusion Micellar Water offers swift make up removal while protecting your skin. Formulated with the utmost care, The Kaya Youth Oxy-infusion Micellar Water is easy to use and gentle on the skin. Making it suitable for all skin types.

First of all, I haven’t come across such affordable Micellar water ever in the town, apart from the Garnier one’s. 100ml for Rs.199/- only. I totally love the packaging, the colors and the theme going on, everything is just so perfect and a bit luxe to be honest. Micellar water is a must have if you are a makeup person, because removing your makeup is the most essential step for a good healthy skin. This Oxy-Infused Micellar water comes in a easy-to-use spray bottle. Just spray it on a cotton pad and swipe across your face. This is a two-way product, which not only removes the makeup but also performs the duty of a cleanser. It swiftly removes every bit of any kind of makeup-normal and waterproof, and does not dry out the skin. I found it to be gentle on my combination skin, and even on my eye area. It did not irritate or give any burning sensation at all. I’d definitely recommend this to everyone.


Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion face wipes, unique facial wipes which has micro-circulation complex that enhances oxygen supply to your skin cells to give youthful glowing skin. It cleanses oil & make-up while effectively removing dirt from face keeping your skin & eye area hydrated. Give a boost to your skin every time you cleanse your face. Created with the help of over dermatologists from the Kaya Clinic. With the Kaya Youth Oxy-infusion Face Wipes you wonโ€™t just wipe away oil, dirt and make up, it’ll keep your skin fresh and glowing too. The micro-circulation complex enhances oxygen supply, helping reduce dullness, dark spots, dry and patchy skin, leaving your skin youthful.

Summer’s are just around the corner, and dust and pollution being a part of our daily lives, the facial wipes come really handy for a quick refreshment. These Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face wipes come in a pack of 30 wipes. These wet face wipes are a double job wipes; they can be used for a quick refreshment on a tired day, or can be used to remove the makeup as well. They are very mild on the skin and do not dry out the skin or irritate the skin, making it great for sensitive skin people. I use these to remove my makeup mostly. This would be my first step in makeup removal process; it removes most of the foundation and lipstick, and then I go with the Micellar water.

Overall, impressed with this new Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion range, especially the Micellar Water and the Facial Wipes; they’re my absolute favorites. The Face Wash and the Day cream are okay-ish to me, personally. I’d definitely recommend these to all skin types. Dry skin people will have to top up their moisture game, if you’re using the Day cream. For oily-combination skin, you may or may not require it depending on your skin needs.

Buy the Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion range at Nykaa and Amazon.

Follow up the #SkinPranayam regimen by Kaya Youth

Did you try these new Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Skincare range??

*All of these were sent to me by Kaya Youth team, but the reviews are totally honest by me after a good test!

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