There are days when I get super lazy to oil my hair the night before and end up in dry frizzy hair problems. And here’s when I found my quick fix for this, a truly an advansed range of hair care from Parachute. This new range comprises of a Pre-wash hair Nourisher, Shampoo and a Serum oil. I happened to pick the Nourishment kit which had the Creme oil and the shampoo from my local supermarket, and here are my thoughts on this kit.

Introducing a reinvented way to nourish your hair. True to the legacy of nurture and nourish, Parachute Advansed brings you a two-fold approach to get gorgeous hair with the Parachute Advansed New Age Nourishment Kit. The light, quick absorbing Crème Oil blends right into your modern lifestyle. It nourishes your hair in just 30 minutes and washes off in just 1 shampoo rinse, making it possible to use even on weekdays. The Intense Nourishment Shampoo gently cleanses your hair, protecting all the good proteins from getting washed off. So, say goodbye to rough, dry hair and experience the rich goodness of the Parachute Advansed New Age Nourishment Kit.

PRICE : INR 219/- for 150ml product each.

AVAILABILITY : You can find this at your near local shops offline. Online, this kit is available on Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart etc

Parachute Creme Oil Nourishment kit

Parachute Advansed Crème Oil Pre-wash Hair Nourisher

WHAT IS IT? A unique blend of coconut milk and coconut oil, it gives you All the nourishment your hair needs in just 30 minutes. The Pre-wash Hair Nourisher in a new Crème oil format that blends the softness of coconut milk and strength of coconut oil. It has a light, velvety texture that is absorbed into the scalp and hair fairly quickly.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Crème Oil is so easy and convenient to use that It gives your hair 100% nourishment in just 30 minutes and makes hair super soft and strong. Penetrates 10x layers deep and nourishes your hair from root to tip making hair soft & strong. 


  • Put It On – Take about 3-5 pumps of Crème Oil and apply like oil; from the scalp through the lengths.
  • Leave It On – Nourishes in just 30mins. Or leave it as long as you can.
  • Wash It Off – Shampoo off and you’re done!

Comes in a pretty 150ml plastic pump bottle. The smaller one comes in a much comfort nozzle packing. This Creme Oil has a light lotion consistency, very lightweight and smooth in texture which instantly absorbs into the scalp and hair. It does not feel heavy or greasy at all and smells so fruity-coconutty(my favorite fragrance). I use this Creme Oil both as a pre-wash and post-wash conditioner. As a pre-wash nourisher, I take more than 6-7 pumps for my medium length hair and apply it all over, leave for about an hour or sometimes more and shampoo it off. As a post-wash conditioner, I take half to a full pump and apply to the lengths concentrating more on my ends. Having super dry, frizzy hair my hair doesn’t weigh down applying it post shampoo. And it makes my hair smooth, manageable and tames the frizz a little.

Parachute Advansed Crème Oil Shampoo

WHAT IS IT? Paraben-free shampoo that gently cleanses hair while protecting proteins from getting washed off. This paraben-free shampoo protects against damage and nourishes the hair without stripping it off its natural oils or proteins.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Gently cleanses hair while protecting proteins getting washed off. So dry, rough hair is now forgotten affair! This shampoo cleanses hair in just 1 wash. Now no need to over shampoo. This paraben-free shampoo also fights damaged hair without over drying your hair.


  • Apply on to wet hair
  • Massage scalp and work the lather through the lengths
  • Rinse, and you’re done!

This shampoo also comes in a similar 150ml plastic bottle packaging, same as that of the Pre-wash creme but it comes with a flip open cap. The shampoo has a milder fragrance compared to the Pre-wash Creme. This is a normal surfactant-based shampoo filled with SLS and Parabens, so it pretty much lathers quickly and easily, and if you’re someone who’s into all natural haircare then this is not your cup of tea. I’ve recently started my journey to all natural haircare and I’m finishing off all the shampoos I own, hence this review. I feel the job of a shampoo is just to cleanse hair, and this shampoo does its job well. It cleanses the scalp and the perfect blend of Coconut oil and Coconut milk leaves the hair nourished without drying out the hair.

I’m personally not a fan of Parachute Coconut Oil (oops am I the only one on the earth who’s like this) but this Coconut Creme Oil range simply is amazing. This suits all hair types, even the color treated hair.

Did you try anything from the new Parachute Coconut Creme Oil range? What is your favorite product? Lemme know….

Parachute Creme Oil Nourishment kit

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