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Late on the bandwagon though, but I bought these Stay Quirky Liquid Lipsticks way back and since then I have been getting a lot of messages to swatch them and review them. I bought these just because these were so freaking affordable and obviously I’d buy when there’s a sale on Purplle website so I get additional off, so a steal deal. And recently Stay Quirky also added few more shades in this liquid lipstick range making it a whooping 30 shades in total. I picked few shades in random, because back then I could not find any swatch games to check but thankfully I think pretty good shade. In this post, I will be talking about these liquid lipsticks.

A kickass formula for the sassy, for the fancy, for the classy and the badassy ! Go on ladies ! Be a total BadAss ! Life is too short to stay ordinary! Stay Quirky !

You don’t need words when your lips will do the talking. If only men knew the power a woman holds when she puts on pink lipstick, the balance of the world would have changed. Go all out, all day all night, looking uber cool and super dapper with Stay Quirky Liquid lipsticks. Once set, these liquid beauties will not budge one bit. Pull off your all day and all nighters like a boss.

  • They come in a luxurious sturdy packaging which makes it extremely travel friendly.
  • Available in numerous shades, one for each occasion, each mood and each skin tone.
  • They are creamy when applied and set matte once dried.
  • These non transferable babies give maximum pigmentation in just one swipe
  • Toxicity-Free, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

PRICE : INR 449/- for a 4.5ml product.

These liquid lipsticks come with a colorful outer box packaging, very similar to the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. The details and shade name of the lipstick is all mentioned on the box as well as on the lipstick. The liquid lipstick actually comes in this cute little square tube with a slanted doe-foot applicator to reach the edges precisely. These lippies do have a sweet fragrance to them, which personally I do not mind but I know there are people who hate fragranced lipsticks. Its tiny structure does make this lipstick very travel friendly.

With so many shade options, it is definitely tough to pick ‘the one’ shade and I’m sure the website does not depict the right color of the respective shade. Hence, in confusion I had to pick random shades. And dude, why do most shades look similar from outside the tube? But now I think there are a lot of people who put up complete swatches of all the shades, and now it’s an easy game.

These are creamy liquid lipsticks which dry down to a matte finish. Different shades have different formula, I feel, some have that liquid consistency while few have a nice creamy consistency. They apply smoothly on the lips, and they have amazing pigmentation levels. In one swipe you do get maximum opacity, however the lighter and pale shades do need to be applied twice for that opacity. A good lip prep is a must for these liquid lipsticks, or else you do not want the lipstick to cling onto the dry patches on the lips. The formula is quite drying, which is obvious with any liquid lipstick but a little comfortable when compared to the Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks. They are transfer-proof, smudge-proof and absolutely do not bleed. And they don’t have any tacky feel to them. These liquid lipsticks did stay for a good 6-7 hour period with light meals and drinks. Only at the inner portion of the lip did the lipstick started to come off. And with heavy meals, these do wear off quite prominently and reapplying liquid lipstick is quite a hassle. Overall, for an affordable liquid lipstick like these, I love the performance, their texture and the shade range.

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