The most stressful thing is to take the stress about under-eyes. Looking at the not-so-good eyes on a beautiful face kind of puts you away; at least me I should admit. And there’s nothing that we haven’t tried, from home remedies to all drugstore and luxury creams and what not. In that hunt, I discovered this innovative Eye Essence by Loreal Paris. If you ask me what made me pick this particular eye product, I’d straight up say I was intrigued by the ‘Ferment’ term because while on my Kbeauty journey I’ve known so many benefits of ‘Fermented ingredients’. And here is this little bottle of goodness, about which we’ll be talking in this post.

L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Activated Ferment Eye Essence, instantly makes eye contour skin look moisturized, smooth and silky. Day after Day, eye bags look relieved and dark circles are less visible. Eye contour feels firms and looks younger.

  • Stimulates skin’s renewal and activates its youthful look. Skin looks refined, bouncy & resilient
  • Lightens dark circles, De-puffs eye bags & Fades fine lines
  • 98% pure Ferment Essence Complex infused into an eye serum formula that helps stimulate skin’s renewal & activates its youthful look
  • Dermatologically tested. Suited for oily, dry & all skin types


  • FERMENT ESSENCE : Extracted at 98% purity (refers to the concentration of Bifida Ferment Lysate) to stimulate skin metabolism and accelerate cell renewal. Activates youthful skin with the renewing power of fermented seeds.
  • PRO-GEN TECHNOLOGY : Increases the expression of recovery genes and help to boost skin recovery ability against fatigue and aging signs.

PRICE : INR 799/- for a 20ml product.

You can always avail this eye essence at some discounts.


HOW TO USE : Use twice daily on perfectly cleansed skin around the eyes. Gently massage Youth Code Ferment Eye Essence into eye-contours using the triple beads applicator.

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging. The essence comes in a little, dark and heavy glass bottle which has a flexible triple ball bearing applicator for a good application and a soothing eye massage. The outer box does come with all the details about the product including the ingredients list on it. I totally adore this advanced technology of the applicator thing; it has such fancy yet innovative vibes to it. The petite body is quite convenient for travelling, but it’s again up to you whether to take it with you or not, I personally would not though(unless and until it’s a long vacation kind of).

This has a true essence consistency; bearing a clear light serum like texture, it quickly gets absorbed into the skin without any stickiness. The essence has a icy cool, soothing effect on the eyes relaxing the skin in its first application itself. It does have that fermented fragrance to it. The light-weight formula makes it very much oily skin friendly, but for drier skin people you might need a heavy moisturizer for that extra boost. Anyhow, this is a good under-eye essence to start with. I have been using it over a couple of months, and a little goes a long way. I don’t have a much problematic under-eye skin, I see this essence reduces my eye fatigue and brighten my under-eye skin. This doesn’t give immediate result, but for sure it’s gonna take overnight time with a good amount of sleep time to de-puff and rejuvenate the eye area. Also, with the applicator it’ll take time to get used to it rolling on the eyes.

I have mixed feelings for the applicator though. It’s kind of great for a relaxing eye massage but since it does have a plastic grip, that plastic sometimes scratches the under eye skin which kind of is a nay for me. Other than that, I am totally impressed with this Loreal Youth Code Activate Ferment Eye Essence. Even though it does have applicator and stuff, at the end you need to dab it with your fingers to get rid of the extra product. On a side note, fermented skincare products have always been good to me, which made me have a love affair with all fermented things, which obviously made me buy this.

Did you try this amazing Loreal Paris Youth Code Activate Ferment Eye Essence?? Lemme know your thoughts……

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