Even though it’s been three weeks since 2021 has already begun, and since this will be my first post in 2021, I hope this year brings in a lots of happiness and prosperity to everyone. Firstly, I should thank Wonderskin for sending in this beauty for trying it out, and secondly I should apologize for being a little late to put up the review of this one. And as I am in my early thirties, I am definitely looking for anti aging products. Thankfully I got this Accoje Anti-Aging Intensive Ampoule. Ampoules are definitely my cup of tea kind of thingy, and here I am writing my review about this anti aging ampoule.

With elasticity-boosting ingredients (Retinyl Palmitate, two types of Peptides and Marine Collagen) capsulized to stabilize the active ingredients, ACCOJE ANTI-AGING INTENSIVE AMPOULE is a high concentration of essential serums that help reduce complex aging processes and provides daily care for plump and radiant skin. Formulated with a special anti-aging secret discovered by the female divers, Jeju seaweed complex is composed of five seaweed ingredients that hydrate skin and make it appear more vibrant.

Pink light volume capsules containing high concentrated Anti aging Ingredients 
• Concentrated anti-aging ampoule providing intensive care to boost skin elasticity 
• Wrinkle-reducing functional skin anti-aging Clinical trial completed 
• Noticeable anti-aging effect in just 4 weeks. 
• A combination of the Jeju Seaweed and Peptides with remarkable vital energy. 
• Skin- Friendly formula without 7 HARMFUL INGREDIENTS ( 6 Types of Paraben, Benzophenone, Artificial fragrance, Imidazolidinyl urea, Tar Pigment, Harmful minerals, Animal oil)

WHAT IS THIS? Accoje Anti Aging Intensive ampoule is a highly concentrated serum with complex benefits such as :

  1. To delay, control & correct premature signs of aging
  2. To transform dry, dull & rough skin into smooth & soft skin
  3. To improve uneven skin tone
  4. Ecklonia Cava extract improves skin elasticity & dermis density
  5. Sodium Hyaluronate attracts and holds on to water, helping the skin to retain moisture

WHO SHOULD USE IT? This intensive ampoule definitely is for someone looking for :

  1. Those who are concerned with tired-looking skin resulting from stress.
  2. Those who want to moisturize the entire face and treat all the wrinkles thoroughly.
  3. those who want to transform their dry and rough skin into smooth, soft, and firm skin.
  4. Those who want to hydrate their skin and delay the skin aging process.
  5. Those who want radiance and anti-aging care at the same time.

PRICE : INR 2100\- for 30ml.

AVAILABILITY : You can buy the Accoje Anti Aging Intensive Ampoule at Wonderskin.

SHELF LIFE : 30 months



Get the complete analysis of the ingredients HERE.

Now lets get into what this product is all about..and my experience on using it.

Packaging, this ampoule comes in a really aesthetic pastel peachy pinkey ombre glass bottle with a pump dispenser. It is very basic, very simple yet it’s got that chic vibe to it. It does come with a outer cardboard packaging as well, with all the essential details about the product on it, however some of it is written in Korean language too. The bottle is very sturdy and will be travel-friendly. Its definitely gonna make a great skincare vanity attraction.

Texture, omg I did not see that coming..because firstly I haven’t seen much about this ampoule so I did not know anything but I was so excited seeing the texture of this ampoule. That pinkey pearly capsules texture in a clear serum is so satisfactory. But when pumped out, the capsules break up and crush down to an almost clear jelly texture with gold specs (I don’t know if anyone observed it).

The ampoule has a very lightweight formula which gets easily absorbed and hydrating the skin instantly and, and it leaves nano gold glitters on the face. When observed closely only the glitters are visible, otherwise if you layer your skincare then it’ll be completely gone. And btw, this is not at all a problem (at least to me) but just putting it out. The brand mainly focuses on applying the ampoule to the ‘pink zone’ (the cheek area) for a luminescence and plump skin. But, as I’m a skin of color, I need it everywhere, so I started applying it all over my face, in my morning and night routine. I’d need two pumps of the ampoule for my face. Even though this ampoule contains all goodness of the Jeju island natural extracts, it also contains few oils which might bother some people. So it is highly suggested to check for the complete ingredients list and then decide for yourself. However, I’m glad that this ampoule did not break me out.

I have been using this for more than 3 weeks now, and I’d say I can feel an improvement in my skin elasticity. It definitely hydrates the skin and makes it look radiant and plump over time. And this 30ml product does last for 1-2 months for me. I am sure it takes so much more consistent time for it to show results on the wrinkles and fine lines as it claimed to, but for my initial use I did not see any major differences in my fine lines which I have around my mouth area. My skin has surely become more supple and healthier with this ampoule.

Did you try this Accoje Anti Aging Intensive Ampoule? BTW, all the way you’ve only been hearing ‘Accoje’ ‘Accoje’ but did you actually know what Accoje means? Accoje means FINE or BEAUTIFUL in Jeju.

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