For those of you guys who do not know  what MYSTERY BOX is about, Mystery Box is a monthly subscription box for women. It is a fun and an affordable way to discover new products and treat yourself or a loved one with a gift every month. True to its name, it keeps us curious about what’s in it, month on month. Each month they offer 4 to 5 products based on the theme of the month. Every product is specially handpicked to fulfill the desire for latest trend in beauty, fashion, lifestyle personal care & much more. 

So in case if you guys are interested in getting your monthly Mystery Boxes, just hop on to their website,, and choose your desired subscribing months and get yours on. They have some really good discounted offers going on right now, so hurry up guys.

I was lucky enough to win one of their giveaways where in I got a three month subscription of the Mystery box. Lets see what happens in the coming months. And I know its already November and I am late in POsting about these. Coz i recieved my Mystery Box on Oct 29th and that’s the reason this is a much late post.

Okay, now stories apart, let’s see what all we have in the October Mystery Box. Oh and Mystery Box is celebrating their 1st anniversary in the month of October and they have collaborated with Prachi(superwowstyle) to curate this box. A very Happy anniversary Mystery Box!!!



Here’s what all I received in the October Mystery  Box which is curated by Prachi-


1).  A fashionable choker with dangles, omg this is my first ever choker and I love love love this one. IMG_20161102_105151.jpg

2).  Some hand crafted chocolates from CFB Bakers. These are made with dark chocolate and yay I love Dark chocolate. IMG_20161102_110245.jpg

3).  Geometric earring stud set from the House of Accessories. They look so pretty!IMG_20161102_111141.jpg

4).   From the Juicy Chemistry, i  got two of their products- a handmade all natural soap made from hazelnut, almond milk and coffee & i got the tea tree and charcoal facial mask. I heard good things about the Juicy Chemistry and I am excited about using these products.IMG_20161102_110507.jpg

5).   Rose Water Toner from Ma Earth Botanicals. IMG_20161102_110720.jpg

6).   And finally I got the Fuschia’s Lavender Florets Bath Salt. This stuff smells heaven. IMG_20161102_110625.jpg

And that is all I got in the October Mystery Box. That’s actually a lot of products right! And love the concept of the month – which is all the products are handmade and hand picked. If you are looking out for one such thing, you should definitely try their boxes.


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